Dai Suyang looked at me and looked nervously at Cave 96 in front of me. She didn’t seem to want to move, but she blamed me. Why do you still ask me? What happened to you here in Dunhuang? Qing that child cried and asked me to come! Tell me, what did you do?


Dong Qing again.
I smiled wryly at what he was about to say, but I felt a rage as if he suddenly jumped out. I realized that I was going to start work, but Dai Suyang grabbed my hand with a quick hand and a quick eye. Then I heard her read the formula lightly, and the rage began to fade away.
I’m a white Ying Zheng. Why did he come back in such a hurry just now? I’m afraid he also felt the rage here. He also felt that there was a man here who was trying to stop it.
I looked at the head in Ying Zheng, and he said there was no problem. I whispered next to Dai Suyang, how did you know there was a problem here? Dong Qing told you again?
Dai Suyang looked up at me and said discontentedly, "Or what?"
I looked back at Ying Zheng again, but I don’t know where he went. I guess he chased the rage and found it. At this time, Zhao Feiyu and I also appeared in my field of vision
I raised my hand and casually pointed to Cave 96 in front of me, beckoning them to go in and have a look. Naturally, they were white. I mean, they easily mingled with tourists.
I continued to communicate with Dai Suyang without a word. From her mouth, I knew that Ghost House was very dissatisfied with my injury to Quyi, and wanted to arrest me and ask me clearly. I shrugged my shoulders easily, and I was very interested in these careless things.
Dai Suyang said that she arrived in Dunhuang last night, but as soon as she arrived in Dunhuang, she felt that the Mogao Grottoes were wrong. Later, she realized that there was a lot of rage. It was like someone deliberately gathered rage in the Mogao Grottoes and took it out after visiting tourists.
It is because I feel wrong that Dai Suyang has been here carefully checking every tourist who passes by her.
Even when Dai Suyang’s energy is so high, she will be tired. I can see that she is tired. By the way, I asked my dad and Master Hewlett-Packard about the situation. One South Temple was delicious and served the other nine-ring xizhang’s return to the South Temple, but they were happy that they had no troubles. Like Qu Yi, he had returned to the headquarters of Ghost House and was said to be preparing to join me to give it to the ghost master.
"I’m also looking for this rage. Where do you think it came from?" I leaned in Dai Suyang’s ear and whispered, "The Mogao Grottoes are Buddhist shrines anyway. They are all more or less angry, so it’s so easy to come in." Why do I think it’s human? And don’t you think the rage here is a bit like chaotic rage? "
My words also aroused Dai Suyang’s interest. She took off her sunglasses and looked at it. I said seriously, sure enough, this is a small disaster for you. Ran away from Nansi without saying a word and then came here? You said it was exactly the same as I thought, but it was chaotic and violent. But what about ghost city? Is it possible that you were the one who released it?
I looked at Dai Suyang with a koo face and said that there is a master who can not only make nine-character mantra but also make nine-character mantra for four people. What do you think we should do?
Dai Suyang heard what I was about to say, but I was inexplicably taken away. I am one! The important thing is that I was dragged away by a very bitter look in public! I’m afraid people around me think of something they shouldn’t think about when they look at the expression of bitterness and my inexplicable expression.
"What are you doing?" Halfway through, I had to throw my hand off not far away. Zhao Feiyu met me and I trotted over.
I pointed to a face and asked, What did you do to him?
Zhao Feiyu did pat me off and put my arm around my shoulder and said, didn’t you say you would kill Chenxin before you left? Do you know how long you repented before you said you were going to kill Chenxin Buddha? But now it seems that you are teasing us again!
Zhao Feiyu’s words made me even more unaware of what had happened. I looked at the two of them and said naively, "Don’t sell!"!
Zhao Feiyu pointed to Cave 96 and said that there was a woman kneeling in front of the Buddha. I was curious to see the woman’s face. Guess who I saw?
"Chenxin?" I said this name in combination with Zhao Feiyu’s speech just now and a tangled expression.
Zhao Feiyu and Yi Yikou said a "yes" word, which suddenly made me look forward to life!
Guo Laotou couldn’t have failed to kill Chenxin! This is kidding me!
I realized that I wanted to find Ying Zheng. I told them where Dai Suyang was, and then I hurried to find Ying Zheng. There was a park in front of the cave. I was walking in the park and I saw Ying Zheng.
Of course, there is Yin Zhouyang in front of him.
Yin Zhouyang saw me and said with a smile, "Who am I supposed to say? Isn’t this about to rank among the three fair mullins? Jiuqing often wishes here first. "
"You really didn’t die." I looked at Yin Zhouyang and frowned. My consciousness was to touch the waist and meteorite. "What do you want?"
Yin Zhouyang said with a face of koo that I came to get what Chenxin wanted, and he had no idea.
What Yin Zhouyang said verified what Zhao Feiyu and No.96 Cave saw just now. It seems that he and Chenxin are not dead.
Is this to piss me off?
"Xiao Lin, you go and bring Chenxin." Ying Zheng issued a signal to me in front of Yin Zhouyang. "You are not allowed to bring a hair to Chenxin!"
I don’t know why Ying Zheng gave me this order, but now that he has spoken, I have to do it.
I went back to line up in front of Cave 96. Zhao Feiyu and Yi cooperated very well. I blocked the Dai Su CCTV line and I entered Cave 96 among the tourists. Sure enough, the familiar figure knelt at the foot of the Buddha.
There are many tourists around talking about Chenxin, but I easily walked over to her and took her hand with a smile and said, Are you tired from kneeling here for so long? We should go.
After saying this, I didn’t care so much, that is, I took her away. When I stayed Chenxin in front of Ying Zheng, I realized that Chenxin was wrong.
She is like a three-year-old who doesn’t know anything. She smiles at others. When Yin Zhouyang sees Chenxin, she immediately pulls her to her side. She looks at Chenxin with a gentle eye and says, You are back.
Ying Zheng looked at the two of them. Before one stride, he grabbed Yin Zhouyang’s hands. Then he said that Chenxin gave a sudden push towards our place, and then he kicked Yin Zhouyang’s knees. Yin Zhouyang’s hands were also grabbed by Ying Zheng. I don’t understand what this mentoring is going to do.
"You betrayed the rules of rivers and rivers. I’m afraid you are more familiar with them than I am? Betrayers who are light will be abolished, and those who are heavy will die! What did you say you wanted to choose? " Ying Zheng’s face gradually exudes anger. It seems that he was not very happy when he talked to Yin Zhouyang just now.
"I betrayed the rivers? You betrayed me! " Yin Zhouyang almost cried like crazy! "I saved you! You’re not me! Phoenix method is your body! Will the river still be you? I am so loyal to you! But you still choose to let people kill Chenxin! Also let people kill me! "
I looked at two people while copying. At this time, I felt that Yin Zhouyang was alone in the rage department … With Yin Zhouyang’s strength, he couldn’t tame so much rage so quickly. There must be someone behind him to help!
"She betrayed me, and I kept her to see your face. I never imagined that I had not cleaned my legacy! Mullin! Kill that woman for me! " Ying Zheng is really angry!
I can hear Yin Zhouyang’s bones ringing, which makes people uncomfortable. I looked around and it was still a smile. Chenxin suddenly stopped.