The words of Zhen Jun, a few big yuan infants, are clearly heard, and all the battleships and airships have lost a fact.


Qingyun Gate Sun Haosun Chen Xiang Dan married the world.
The furious elixir has surpassed the Heavenly Palace Master Brother and the Demon Temple Master Tiger Gaia.
A younger brother from a second-rate clan rose strongly and the light in the burial market was dazzling.
Xuanyuanyaqin felt his little dream drumming up again. "Xiao Hao’s strange Dan is so powerful?"
Friar Qingyun’s battle boat Qingyun Gate is even more morale-boosting, and he is proud of the crowd and feels carefree.
Soon Sun Hao’s past was dug up again when he married Dan.
Three disasters and twelve difficulties make a purple pattern.
The Great Elixir of the Earth is "a purple elixir"
Ten years’ work of a quarter-hour station
It seems easy and natural to change the score of Dengtianbang. Sun Hao and Sun Chenxiang naturally jumped to the first place.
However, the difficulty of actually burying the fourth peak in the sea of clouds in the Tianxu is far beyond the monk’s imagination
If it weren’t for Sun Haosun’s agarwood and great Dan’s brilliant strength, this peak couldn’t be pulled out.
If it weren’t for the magic milky brilliance of Sun Haosun’s agarwood elixir, the three elixirs moistened him and kept him vigorous all the time, this peak could not be pulled out.
If it weren’t for the magical effect of the single mountain-pulling, it would not be able to lift the peak if it didn’t inspire the monk’s fighting spirit and increase his ability.
If it weren’t for the ranking, then abandon the prejudice in the heart, even if Zhao Zhu’s heart is dissatisfied, he can’t afford to cooperate with this peak
Sun Haosun Chen Xiang sits cross-legged with his hands clasped in his hands.
Great Dan is magnificent and golden.
Rise from the mountain in the beat
Zhao Zhumo or Tiger Gaia, at this moment, I don’t feel anxious to respect Sun Haodan, but the main Dan is the most powerful and stressful.
However, Sun Hao can still spare some of Danli’s milk-white brilliance, which will relieve everyone’s pressure.
At this point, Zhao Zhumo has to admit that even if he is in good condition, he may have to be a little inferior in a single round of strength.
It seems that Sun Haosun’s agarwood ranks among the main Dan, but it is also taken for granted.
Destroy the fourth peak of God and return to its original position.
The ranked then all burst into amazing cheers.
Burying the temple in the ruins of heaven is finally a perfect restoration.
Shine on Corleone said weakly, "Thank you, Gong …"
Chapter nine hundred and ninety-five Inverted heaven and earth
Although the clouds are different from the world, they are as beautiful as expected;
Daojia stops admiring the sage.
Ranked the fourth place, then destroyed the peak, and began to regain strength, but despite the recovery, then monks unconsciously felt a different mood.
Sun Hao, Sun Chenxiang’s little display of strength and ability has already made the ranking then sigh and need admiration.
When we entered the burial day market, everyone was full of pride in the mainland.
The burial day market is an outstanding representative of the elixir, but no one would have thought that it would be the end of the burial day market
Ranked then suddenly found that Sun Haosun Chenxiang, a second-rate cousin, was the deepest hidden one among many then.
Perhaps, as another form of intellectual delusion says, Sun Hao will become the dazzling star among the stars one day, but everyone can look up to it.
Not surprising.
Think back on all the way to repair the road.
How many monks have been left far behind by themselves? At this moment, maybe there are former classmates who are buried outside the Tianxu market, looking up at the Tianbang and looking forward to their return.
Then, will one day I go to Sun Haosun’s agarwood to pursue and look up at the dust, just like those other students?
After a month’s rest, the real people have regained their strength.