At the same time, Platycodon grandiflorum in Fengcun stood on the roof with a long bow and bent it to condense a silvery white arrow and shoot it in the direction of Jiangcheng.


Chapter 77 retreating
"Ang!" The high dragons resounded through the sky. This is the golden dragon of Tokugawa Prefecture, but it is a dragon head with a one-horned dragon soaring for nine days. A large piece of golden light has disappeared into Toyotomi Hideyoshi. There is no doubt that this is Toyotomi Hideyoshi’s desperate efforts to bless the whole Tokugawa Prefecture. His momentum has been rising "broken!"
The virtual shock is visible to the naked eye, and the virtual ripples spread around. This is a big collision. Toyotomi Hideyoshi blessed Tokugawa Prefecture, and the fate blew out one side. The collision of Zhao Yun, the ancient seal, was accompanied by gorgeous and dazzling light. This piece all collapsed in Fiona Fang. Zhao Yun, Zhu Biao, Woody and Tong Yuan were all shocked by the virtual retreat, and Zhao Yun was the weakest in strength. His hands were stained with blood and he held a silver gun. Both palms were cracked. After all, they were not as powerful as giants, but they could compete with ordinary giants.
But aside, Toyotomi Hideyoshi is even worse. Even if the Tokugawa Prefecture is blessed with a long-term fate, it will be defeated by four people. After all, Tokugawa Prefecture is just a big force of Fusang Terran. Although it is considered a top power, even the country is not even a dragon that is transformed by fate. I am afraid that these qi and blood are not necessarily comparable to the national luck of Yan State during the coexistence of China.
Toyotomi Hideyoshi’s whole clothes have burst bare-chested, and there are shocking cracks in his body. The whole body seems to be cracked. There is also a fist and a big blood hole in his chest. The whole body is dyed red with blood, like being fished out of the blood. It’s scary and gives people the feeling that Toyotomi Hideyoshi’s body will separate and collapse at any time.
"Boom!" "ah!" “……”
A large area of walls and buildings in Fangcheng directly collapsed, and a large area of huge noise was mixed with screams. Many ordinary people in Jiangcheng were directly killed and collapsed in the building.
Punishment avoid eyes of murder like a knife in the hand of a demon knife village is waving Toyotomi Hideyoshi culling in the past to give each other a fatal blow.
"My Lord …" "Protect my Lord …" "Kill! ……”
There are several martial arts and magical powers in the rear. These are all Tokugawa people who are loyal to Toyotomi Hideyoshi and don’t want to rush to the front of Toyotomi Hideyoshi when Toyotomi Hideyoshi is facing a life-and-death crisis. Princess Sakura and Hideki Tojo also follow this moment, but their goal is punishment.
"Let’s shoot together!"
Zhaoyun drank the pike in his hand, pierced it, and killed Toyotomi Hideyoshi, Tong Yuan and Woody without hesitation, because they knew that they had to make a quick decision, and someone had come here. If we don’t take the opportunity to slay Toyotomi Hideyoshi, there may be no chance.
"Get out of here!"
In the eyes of punishment, there is a cold light in the eyes, which is breathtaking. In the hands of the demon knife, the village is cutting out a red knife like blood, and his front is easily split into two halves, like a magic knife to cut off all living things.
"More bullying less you true self fuso people? ….. hey! "
Overhead virtual distortion in the tunnel, a huge terror was overwhelming, and Takeda Shingen came across the virtual space. He directly shot and held a handle of cyan war spear, and gently stabbed it to form a pole. war spear was stabbed across the heavens and the earth, leaving a big hole in front of Toyotomi Hideyoshi, trying to help Toyotomi resist the blow!
"Do the martial arts!"
Toyotomi Hideyoshi whistling moment his hands are fuzzy or fist, palm, or finger speed is so fast that he can’t see clearly. He plays more than a dozen attacks of Sanshou boxing, palm and fingering at the moment of movement, which merge together to form a torrent. The moment before him directly collapses!
Takeda Shingen arrived and joined hands with Toyotomi Hideyoshi for a moment, and this piece was all turned into chaos. There is no doubt that this is a terrorist collision. The aftermath of terror spreads around like an annihilation tide. There are several figures that are directly blown into blood fog in the virtual. That is several martial arts magical powers in Tokugawa Prefecture. The strong just tried to rush to save Toyotomi Hideyoshi and ended up as a skeleton giant. The level of fighting is no longer a general martial arts magical power.
Zhaoyun coughed up blood and stumbled backwards for hundreds of meters. Holding the hands of a silver gun has been bloody. After all, he has not reached the realm of giants. However, he just missed reaching this level. It really seems a bit of a penalty and Tong Yuan’s face is also an unnatural flush. Only Woody looks better and waves against the aftermath in front of him.
On the other side, Takeda Shingen and Toyotomi Hideyoshi are even more tragic. Takeda Shingen holds war spear’s right palm and has several wounds. Toyotomi Hideyoshi is even worse. The whole person has almost become blood. His face is latosolic red and his left arm was blown up in the war. This sample is extremely miserable, but he is still not dead!
Zhao Yun’s four faces have changed. I didn’t expect Toyotomi Hideyoshi to die yet. There was a malicious color in his eyes. Zhao Yunzheng was going to shoot again, but at this moment, his face changed. The silver gun in his hand turned around and backhand was swept out!
An arrow is bright and dazzling, like a silvery white light beam from a distance. It comes straight from Zhaoyun for a moment. Zhaoyun is horrified and his hair is upside down. This moment has always made him feel a sense of death. This arrow came too suddenly and exceeded everyone’s expectations, like it came from outer space, but the blink of an eye has reached Zhaoyun, and his pupils are constantly expanding.
At this moment, it is the distance from Zhaoyun. Woody shot a Sanshou and collided with this silvery white arrow to block the blow for Zhaoyun.
"What a strange arrow!" Woody caught the blow with a slight frown and looked at his right hand. There was a blood hole the size of chopsticks in the palm of his right hand. "There are people."
Punishment taboo, zhaoyun, Tong Yuan three people face also changed to just the arrow direction, but I didn’t see the archery master several people face a heavy, although I didn’t see the archery master, but it is obvious that people who can shoot this arrow are less powerful and giants, and Toyotomi Hideyoshi is mostly Terran, which means that there is a third giant in the Fusang Terran besides Toyotomi Hideyoshi and Takeda Shingen, which is suspected to be bad news for them.
Zhao Yun’s eyes changed and changed. Looking at Toyotomi Hideyoshi’s eyes, he was a little unwilling. He knew that they had missed the best opportunity to slay Toyotomi Hideyoshi. They had tried their best, but Toyotomi Hideyoshi’s strength and tenacity were beyond their expectation. Now Takeda Shingen is coming again, and there are just archers in secret. At this time, it is more difficult for them to slay Toyotomi Hideyoshi. If they continue to recklessly, it is very likely that someone will die on their own side.
His eyes changed. Zhao Yun spoke directly. In the end, he chose to retreat and gave up decisively. Although he wanted to slay Toyotomi Hideyoshi very much in his heart, he didn’t lose his mind at this time. He remained calm and knew that it was impossible to slay Toyotomi Hideyoshi again. It might be possible to slay Hideyoshi in a bloody battle, but some of the four of them might die. This is not what he hoped to see. A small Fusang is not worth their loss. Moreover, he is worried that it will be possible to continue the war. I’m afraid it’s their crisis to provoke more giants and strong people in Fusang. Don’t say that there will never be one or two big monsters in Terran, Western countries, and they will never see their threats and choose to make moves, just like Takeda Shingen killed them as soon as he saw something wrong.
Punishment avoid eyes flashing a few looked at Toyotomi Hideyoshi some unwilling but finally listened to zhaoyun words four people directly into the virtual disappear jiangcheng virtual.
A big war came and went quickly, leaving the devastated river and broken days. Takeda Shingen and Toyotomi Hideyoshi looked at Zhao Yun and others and did not pursue them. It was not that they didn’t want to, but that they really didn’t pursue strength.
Chapter 7 After the War
Sparse people in Jiangcheng stumbled up from the ruins. At this time, a large area of Jiangcheng has just been turned into ruins in the war. Although Toyotomi Hideyoshi, Zhao Yun and others fought high, the movement was too big, and there were still waves here.
After the war, it was tragic, it was blood, it was death and sorrow. Even if it was just a little aftermath caused by the war between Toyotomi Hideyoshi and Zhao Yun, it was a devastating disaster for the people in Jiangcheng. I don’t know how many people died. There were crying and screaming in the ruins, and there were whimpers ringing into a piece. Some people were crying with the bodies of the dead, and some people were crazy. Their hands were all bloody, but they still seemed to be unconscious and desperately digging the ruins. Because their relatives were buried in these soils!
"ah!" "Blare …" "What what …"
Losing tears and sobbing is like a madman questioning. This is after the war subsided, Jiangcheng was devastated and the ruins were buried with deep red blood donation.
"Snow … wow!"
Virtual Toyotomi Hideyoshi was covered in blood and looked at Fang Jiangcheng’s horror and coughed up big blood again. He had shocking wounds and cracks, and the spread of flesh and blood was a bit scary.
"Adult …" "Adult …" Tojo Hideki, Princess Sakura, and several martial arts masters from Tokugawa Prefecture all gathered around nervously and looked at Toyotomi Hideyoshi with a worried face. It was really terrible for Toyotomi Hideyoshi at this time. It looked really scary, like a bloody wound.
"Feng Chen Jun"
Takeda Shingen also looked worried at Toyotomi Hideyoshi’s face. If he was seriously injured in Toyotomi Hideyoshi, he would definitely not hesitate to take the opportunity to slay Toyotomi Hideyoshi, but now he doesn’t have this idea, because he knows very well that Toyotomi Hideyoshi can’t die but also live well at this time, otherwise he will be left alone in the face of the strong in the Central Plains.
"We lost!" Toyotomi Hideyoshi ignored Takeda Shingen and others, but looked at Fang Jiangcheng and closed his eyes with a painful color. "I was honored as a civil-military double crown in Toyotomi Hideyoshi, but in the end I couldn’t protect my own people. I lost the first world war …"
Eyes slowly open and there is a trace of pain that can’t be concealed. There is a kind of great sadness in my heart. The owner of Tokugawa Prefecture claims to be the strong Fuso Terran, but in the end he can’t even protect his own people. He calculated that the strong Shenzhou came back to attack and succeeded in living. He made Takeda Shingen come here, but when he saw the horror of Fangcheng, he felt a kind of great sadness in his heart. He had lost the first world war for a long time.
Tojo Hideki, Princess Sakura, etc. beside them, to tell the truth, it’s beyond their level. Ordinary people are not at the same level. Life is beyond their level. There is a kind of spiritual detachment, just like a person who looks at ants doesn’t like budo avatar. In the eyes of the strong, most ordinary people, that is, ants in their eyes, are robbed of many people in Fangcheng. Their hearts are not touched much, but at this moment, when they hear Toyotomi Hideyoshi’s words, their hearts seem to be knocked by something.
At this moment, they understand that Toyotomi Hideyoshi is different from them. Maybe Toyotomi Hideyoshi is a powerful careerist, but there is no doubt that Toyotomi Hideyoshi is also a real heart-warming person.
"Feng Chen Jun"
Takeda Shingen looked at Toyotomi Hideyoshi with some worries. He was worried that the war would hit Toyotomi Hideyoshi so hard that Toyotomi Hideyoshi lost his fighting spirit.
"Takeda Jun rest assured that the enemy has not returned to me. How can Toyotomi Hideyoshi sink to the middle-earth enemy Kou? If I am not driven out of Fusang one day, Toyotomi Hideyoshi will not pour even the last drop of blood …"
Toyotomi Hideyoshi’s tone is a little weak, but there is a powerful sound coming out of his mouth.
"If the enemies of China and Turkey are driven out of Fusang someday, you should be my hero of Fusang."
Takeda Shingen looked at Toyotomi Hideyoshi’s eyes and flashed a complicated color. From the standpoint, the two men have always been enemies of life and death. He is not thinking about killing Toyotomi Hideyoshi all the time, but at this moment, he has to admit that Toyotomi Hideyoshi is a hero to Fusang Terran today.
"Is the Battle of Lord Platycodon over?"
At the same time, all the village names in Maple Village are nervously looking at the roof to take back the bow and arrow. Platycodon carefully asked them that there is a kind of worry in their hearts. They don’t know what the situation is like in Jiangcheng, but they are more worried that this matter will affect their stable life and suffer from war from now on. Although they just saw Platycodon shoot an arrow and see the great war in Jiangcheng, they can’t see the situation there at all because of the distance.
"It’s over. The Midlands are retreating." Platycodon said a sentence with a calm face.
"Is that the defeat of the Midlands?" Maple a pair of clever big eyes looking at platycodon grandiflorum asked
"Defeat? Should be a temporary defeat? "Platycodon grandiflorum’s dark eyes fluctuated and I couldn’t help looking at Zhao Yun and his party disappearing in the direction of nearly four enemy strong men. This is just a small team from the State of Jin in Middle-earth. She doesn’t know what will happen when the Middle-earth army really comes. Can Fusang resist at that time? She really has no confidence." Maybe the stable day will be broken soon … "
Hesitated a platycodon grandiflorum and said a word from the heart, but let the villagers in Mianfeng Village look at each other in awe-
"Does Lord Platycodon mean that the Chinese army is coming? Can’t Tokugawa Prefecture resist it?" The old village head asked.