A Jiu added, "Of course, this so-called’ corpse’ is woven by several tiny hyphae, but if you look at the surface, your roots are hard to see through."


"It’s very real. It looks like an ancient city, but unfortunately the dead man’s body will even have clothes and equipment. Of course, these are fake."
"Every corpse is almost the same person, and the wounds are the same. There must be a penetrating wound in the left rib of the corpse, and the right hand must be broken and placed at a strange angle. If the teeth of the corpse are incomplete, there will always be a visible bone wound."
"But if you dissect a corpse with sharp objects, you will find that there is no human body in it. There should be a dense mycelium, but at this time, once exposed to the air, those hyphae will suddenly grow and entangle you and pull them into the’ corpse’, and eventually you will become food, flesh and blood will melt, leaving indigestible bones and all kinds of clothing and equipment."
At this time, they came to a gate, and Shi Huo raised his hand to signal everyone to stop, and then his door was inspected.
A Jiu explained, "When we leave, we usually make some arrangements by the door. If we are our own people, we will know these small opportunities and carefully avoid them or reset them after finishing the gate."

However, if there are foreign objects passing through the ancient city, they will not do so. Through the integrity of the observation machine, we can simply judge whether there are foreign objects here recently, so we can explore safety. "
Shi Huo was relieved at this moment "no problem"
Tianyang saw his door grope for it, then picked out an iron wire as thin as a hair and rolled it up and received it.
Then a few men raised their weapons and pointed them at the gate, while Shi Huo squatted and pushed the door to let them play slowly.
Just knocking on the door, Tianyang suddenly saw a column with a pale naked figure attached to it.
It seems to be a man with profound facial features and closed eyes.
His head is bare, and there is not a hair on his head. His hands and palms are almost integrated with the column, and the waist part is buried in the column.
When the door knocked, his eyes suddenly opened, but then there was a strong light. In this fierce light, he twisted and shrank into the column.
By the time the light disappeared, the man was gone.
Tianyang only released his hand at this moment, and the "flash" ring inlaid with gems on his finger was dispersing the light.
Shi Huo several people turn their backs on the light source, but they are not blinded by it, but it takes a while for them to get their eyesight back.
A Jiu even exclaimed, "It’s a scream, but it’s a good thing that the guests react quickly, otherwise it’s estimated that it will be enough for us to drink a pot."
Shihuo said with a heavy face, "First, the shadow of death, and now even the screams have run to places where they rarely appear at ordinary times, even what happened in this ancient city."
Tianyang thought of seeing the illusion when he swallowed the snake scales for the moonlight yesterday, and wondered if there was any change in the ancient city.
Shi Huo and others are ready to enter the gate after a rest. Before leaving, Shi Huo ordered, "Be careful from here. Crossing this door will officially enter the underground Shicheng."
"And both the Death Shadow and the Screamer ran to places where they wouldn’t haunt. I can’t guarantee what will happen next."
"I always have a hunch that the ancient city has become more dangerous than before. Although I don’t know what happened, the road from here to the Snake Temple will never be peaceful."
"So we must be extremely careful and never be careless."
Tianyang said, "Fusheng will set a barrier for each of them and try to ensure that there will be no interruption."
Fat readily nodded "make"
He mobilized Xing Yun to give Shi Huo, and they all set up a barrier of Xing Yun to give them an extra layer of protection.
Tianyang said to Liu Ya again, "You go with them to protect them, me and Starbuck."
Liu Ya didn’t object and took out two gorgeous pistols from his body and left Shi Huo among them.
Fat Fusheng is in charge of the front person’s intensive care, and the team is well organized. The day after tomorrow, Yang Chao Shi Huo nodded, so everyone crossed the door and walked into the hall behind it.
When I entered the hall, Tianyang suddenly felt a little strange, just like an invisible python in the dark, and its cold and wet body gently passed Tianyang.
The corners of Tianyang’s mouth are slightly raised. It seems that the’ master’ of the ancient city already knows that these uninvited guests are coming …
Chapter 921 Smile
A stone rolled from the window until it fell into the darkness where the light couldn’t shine, and then it rang faintly.
In front of Tianyang, there are still several fixed walls that span the virtual iron cable and extend into the window of a building in front.
The ground is dangerous, so we won’t go to the ground unless it is necessary.
Shi Huo pointed to these iron ropeways outside the window. "Our building is connected with these ropeways, which allows us to cross the edges in the city without setting foot on the ground."
"In the past few decades, we have arranged thousands of ropeways in the ancient city, which allow us to travel to most areas of the ancient city."
The trail next to A Jiu "but does not include the Snake Temple"
Shi Huo nodded. "In the center of the ancient city of Snake Temple, we can take the ropeway for two thirds of the journey, leaving one third. We must either find a way to build a new ropeway or we must venture to set foot on the ground and pass through the ground."
Tianyang asked him, "Where did you go to the Snake Temple?"
Shi Huo said with no expression, "Of course, there was an accident when we walked on the ground, so we had to go to the ground and then we went to the snake temple in a series of escapes."
Fusheng leaned in and asked, "What’s on the ground?"
"Some people call it’ invisible’ when it is limited to spreading objects," Shi Huo explained. "It looks like a little girl, and we think its image should come from a resident in the ancient city."
"That kind of thing may have one at first. If you look at it, your body shape will be transformed step by step until it is exactly the same, and once it is transformed, you will become one of them. This process is impossible to reverse."
In that accident, many of us were transformed by it, although it would not be dangerous if we didn’t look at it in the eye, and that thing didn’t attack except looking at you in every way.
A Jiu said in a panic, "But there are too many of them. They can come out of your side at any time, and once you are in line with it, it will be finished."
"It is in this way that they limit their spread and create one after another, gradually occupying the ground by themselves. Fortunately, they can be attacked and killed."
"But it’s better to get away from them before they surround you in the waves, and if you fight, they will come from all directions. You can’t kill so many roots, and even if you close your eyes or blindfold, you will still be assimilated if you keep your eyes in front of their sight."
Shi Huo put up a finger, "You have to blind yourself to avoid assimilation. At that time, one of our companions had tried to prove that it was feasible, but there was more than this monster on the ground, and blindness in this ancient city was no different from suicide."
Tianyang mused, "The ability to listen to this kind of thing should be damaged with the retina to avoid being assimilated by it."
"If you build a screen to protect the retina, you should look at them and it will not be assimilated, but it is too dangerous and unnecessary, so don’t try."
At the same time, I thought it was really strange that this ancient underground city had so many strange underground places.
What’s even weirder is that I haven’t seen them go outside for so many years.
If these strange things go outside, they will never cause less disaster than the tide of animals.
At this time, they are going to climb the ropeway.
Tianyang went there first, and after several ups and downs, an iron rope shook gently, and he was swept into the window. As soon as he entered the window, Tianyang immediately took precautions, but in fact, when the cableway swept, he had already perceived the situation in the window and found no danger.
After confirming that there was no danger, he waved to the people over there, and then Shijiu and them climbed over.