"I’m sorry, I don’t want to see her again no matter what her difficulties are." I don’t want to think about what happened ten years ago.


"S come and help me make two laps" Zou Chen suddenly shouted over there.
Guo Jing looked at me with a face of frustration.
I shrugged my shoulders at him, got up and walked towards the poker table, and I saw that almost all the women were attached to the male body. There was that miss Zheng Laobian sitting up straight, and Fu Jiancheng was next to the miss’s arm and rubbing against the miss peak dishonestly.
Let me play cards in front of that old ghost. It’s better to let me die. What makes me even more angry is that Zou Chen also hugs the lady with heavy makeup around him.
"You still play. I feel a little unwell and want to go back to Zheng Lao, Fu Bureau and Li Hsing first. I won’t be here to spoil the fun." I turned and walked to the gate when I heard Zou Chen shouting at Guo Jing, "Guo Zong, come and play for me and take two cigarettes from my building."
As soon as I got to the corridor, Zou Chen came after me and grabbed my hand. He was very unhappy and said, "What’s your temper?"
I turned around and sneered, "I’m not finished, so why stay there … see how you touch Miss?"
Section 49
Zou Chen frowned slightly and took my hand to the ladder.
I feel wronged in my heart.
When I entered the ladder, I couldn’t hold back and asked, "You know I don’t like to have physical contact with men. Aren’t you afraid that I will throw up your distinguished guests?"
He turned his eyes and glared at my mouth with a sneer. "Didn’t you react to anything when you hugged Lu Zhengnan?"
Why does this man have a hard time with Liu Zhengnan?
I stared at him for a moment speechless.
"Why is there nothing to say? I heard you say that no one else can respond to me." He suddenly growled. "Then what is Lu Zhengnan?"
What, can’t we just get back together, but he’ll be messing around again in three hours
At this time, the ladder stopped at the sixteenth floor. I didn’t want to argue with him. I stepped out of the ladder first. He followed me to Room 16. When I got in the door, he put me against the wall and glared. "And when did you get so close to Guo Jing? If I didn’t call you just now, are you going to talk to him there for one night?"
This man is simply unreasonable.
"Why didn’t you think of me when you held the young lady?" I sneered.
His eyes narrowed, and it looked good.
Zou Chen’s eyes are double, which will be exposed when he droops slightly, but when he squints, his eyes are flickering and extremely charming.
Chapter sixty-seven Long-term meal tickets
His eyes narrowed, and it looked good.
Zou Chen’s eyes are double, which will be exposed when he droops slightly, but when he squints, his eyes are flickering and extremely charming.
Zou Chen stared at me for two seconds and suddenly leaned over to kiss me and scared me.
I’m a little scared of touching like this and I seem to have been looking forward to it for a long time
He has a cool mint taste in his mouth, but I have a strong Vodka wine smell mixed together, but there is no delicious taste. I unconsciously dropped my bag and put my hands around his neck and stood on tiptoe to respond.
He got a little response from me, kissed me a little harder, touched my back for a gift zipper and took me inside.
I followed him, moving my hands from his neck to his chest, taking off his coat and throwing it aside.
Both of them were busy with their hands, but their lips were tightly glued together, and they never separated their clothes. They fell from the door to the bedroom.
Soon the two of them met each other honestly and poured into the big bed. The first time I relaxed myself, I realized that that kind of thing was really addictive.
Afterwards, I lay on his chest and listened to his powerful heartbeat. I had never felt so sweet and peaceful in my heart.
He put his hands around my back and gently caressed me with a low smile. "Well, your fighting capacity has improved a lot. It seems that you have not exercised in vain this month."
Uh … How did he know that I was working out this month?