Of course, he didn’t just bow his head and rush to each group when he chose the right direction, but he also had to carry out various tactical cooperation according to the actual situation, such as destroying the enemy’s effective strength with medium fire, dispersing actions and interfering with the enemy’s judgment, or pretending to retreat and suddenly making a comeback …


Aliens have not always been led by Yip Han, trying to crack Yip Han’s actions, and the encirclement is shrinking. It is by no means a problem to surround this slick human team when you want to give him another period-aliens have found that guns in the jungle are not as dense as before!
The aliens are so excited that they keep ordering the worm people to continue to attack … if they can catch this human being, they will do whatever it takes to run out of worm people.
Indeed, as aliens speculated that the high-intensity fierce fighting made the secret service group consume more than half of the ammunition, Ye Han had to order the soldiers to save ammunition so as to last longer.
But no matter how few bullets are played, the enemy can’t help but play, can he? Moreover, we can’t pursue knocking down, but we must shoot more shots to ensure that the enemy is killed, otherwise one of them will not die completely, which will cause casualties to the clones and the resistance army behind.
After fighting for so long, two clones and four worm people have died tragically, and no one knows who one will die on the way.
When we first set out, everyone had great expectations for Yip Han, but most of the clones and the Resistance Army were impatient with this repeated ordeal, and their grievances accumulated step by step to the point of complaining.
Quantitative change leads to qualitative change, dissatisfaction and final action. A worm man slowed down and quietly left the team, intending to blend into the alien worm team and escape from the encirclement. However, his action did not escape the enemy’s eyes. Before he could find a place to hide, several worm men jumped out and mercerized him and killed him on the spot.
Fortunately, he is an example. Although others are dissatisfied, no one makes such an irrational choice.
The soldiers of the secret service team are all veterans. When they hit the last few magazines, everyone counted their guns and prepared their hands.
Finally, a soldier with a light bullet appeared in the team, but he was psychologically prepared to take out his pistol for the first time and shoot the target several times. "I didn’t play!"
The comrades in the same group took out a magazine and threw it over. "The last one is saved!"
At this time, no one took the magazine and changed it to the gun. The muzzle spit out the flame of death again.
Yip hon locked his brow and fought to this point. The team has continued to insist that he must make a decision as soon as possible.
Chapter 162 The cause
I glanced at the man-machine back screen. Ye Han switched the communication frequency band. "Ouyang, how are you?"
"I wish I had received the diving bell horse!"
"How long will it take?"
"Three minutes!"
"good!" Ye Han closed the line and switched back to the public channel "Pay attention to the assault force on the dock!"
After seven consecutive changes to the direction of the dock, most of the people have already been transferred, and now it is a good time to attack the dock.
From the first change to Yip Han’s order, it was to mobilize the enemy, and this tactic was not a brainwave, but his extremely unfavorable situation, thinking of Mao’s old man crossing Chishui four times
Yip Han didn’t know the specific process of Sidu Chishui, but he knew it was still at school when the school organized a chorus. One of his songs was the song "Sidu Chishui Out of Indiana Jones"
Judging from the title of this song alone, the essence of this tactic is to find the enemy’s weakness and move the way to mobilize the enemy and create fighters.
He didn’t know whether he could succeed beforehand, but now the facts have said everything.
The harvest time has finally arrived. Yip hon secretly called a secret service team led by Mao to rush to the dock … Sparse guns suddenly became fierce, and the insect people in the direction of the dock were caught off guard.
Hiding in the dark, the alien’s heart sneers. Although he has been directing the insect people to chase and block, it seems that he is led by human beings, but he is soberly aware that the human goal is definitely not a place deep in the base that wants to escape. The human goal can be the dock!
Because of this judgment, aliens have long left a hand in the direction of the dock. When the secret service team just rushed to the dock, it was not obvious, but in a blink of an eye, a group of bugs were formed in the direction of the dock.
It’s impossible to stop the secret service from charging with a small number of worm people, but it’s certainly no problem to drag the secret service for a while … It will take a little while for the worm people in other directions to arrive and completely surround this slick human being.
The fact is similar to that of aliens. Charging the secret service team is like rushing into the mire and being consumed by layers of worms.
As soon as the charge ran out of rifles, the machine guns ran out of ammunition. In a short time, everyone changed their pistols. The soldiers no longer pursued the speed of killing the enemy, but tried to kill the enemy as efficiently as possible. To put it bluntly, they would rather put the enemy close than shoot the gun when they were not sure.
Rifle reloading can reduce the power of the pistol, but the range of the pistol is near or the long-distance power of the original bullet is really not so good, but the short-distance power is not worse than that of the rifle. A 127 mm caliber worm is seriously injured at least once.
However, in this way, the speed of the secret service team is further slowed down. If we continue to rush to the dock, this thin team will soon be surrounded by worms.
This is simply sending the opportunity to the enemy!
It wasn’t long before a large number of worm people flocked to the dock from all directions. If it had been earlier, Yip hon would have had a chance to lead the team out, but it was too late to leave at this point.
But is Yip Han really stupid enough to bump into a trap?
The secret service team rushed to the dock while Ouyang Ping and his team members had dragged the diving bell to the side dome of the dock.
Ouyang Ping pointed to the diving bell, "Machine gunner vice machine gunner enters!"