Everyone saw that Tang Qiu came out safely, and the fire of Linglan yarn casting burned black clouds, but that Liu Tang didn’t even have a sound. He must have burned to ashes. They all praised Tang Qiu and Linglan yarn, and Liu Tang was not an opponent at such a time


Although seeing the fire burn the dark clouds, Keling Lansha and Tang Qiu are even more frightened, it is said that once Liu Tang died, his energy should disappear with him, but instead of disappearing, the evil energy in the fire is still increasing sharply, so that Liu Tang is not dead
At this time, two swords flew out in tandem in the fire, and both of them had hilts in front.
These two swords are flying to Linglan Sha and Tang Qiu, but they can’t catch the hilt, but they can’t be pushed back by the power of the sword for more than ten feet before they stabilize themselves.
Although I have just stabilized myself, there is an evil energy from the hilt. This evil energy is to invade people’s bodies, but it is forced out by Ling Lansha and Tang Qiuqiang.
Ling Lansha shouted "Back off!"
Although the younger brothers not only saw this scene, they all fell back.
The original dark cloud fire was slowly receding at this time, and I saw a dark person suspended in half and did not move.
This person is Liu Tang. There is nothing wrong with it. Everyone is looking at him with their eyes wide open for fear that he will suddenly attack again.
After a long silence, the dark Liu Tang just didn’t move. "Liu Tang, what do you have to say?"
That Liu Tang listened to Tang Qiu and laughed strangely. Even the sound changed. Listen to him, "I haven’t lost yet. I have the magic power given to me by conan the destroyer. Can you people beat me? I have magic power, and all of you are going to die today. "At the end of the day, his voice is getting weirder and louder, and that evil energy is increasing.
They were all staring at him, and the next scene was even more incredible.
See Liu Tang burned dark body like bones have changed, the whole person has become very strong, and then I heard Liu Tang cry out in pain, and then everyone saw that Liu Tang had grown scales, and his hands and feet seemed to have changed into claws, and his head had changed greatly. His eyes became blood red, his teeth grew in his mouth, and a horn grew on his forehead, and a tail that was more than a foot long grew behind him.
It is disgusting to grow other weird limbs from the already formed body, plus Liu Tangshen’s painful roar. Everyone talks about what this monster Liu Tang is, and it turns into a human form that is so disgusting.
In fact, they don’t know that Liu Tanggen is not a monster. He is a real person. That’s what happens when he wears a robe at first. There are very important reasons for his great changes in body and mind.
Liu Tang laughed, and his voice has changed completely, and his energy has increased a lot.
Tang Qiujian pointed to Liu Tang and shouted, "Are you a hindrance to Uber? Actually filling human evil. "
Liu Tang stopped laughing and looked at Tang Qiuyin strangely. "Tang Qiu!" Say that finish mouth to Tang Qiu spit out a cloud of black smoke.
Because of the distance, Tang and Qiu sometimes dodge, but they also dodge tightly.
That mass of black smoke hit the ground and shook the mountains instantly. Everyone looked at it secretly. What is this Liu Tang? So powerful …
Words Linglan family all sent out Linglan yarn and went back through the door. Thousands of snow were still sitting on the steps outside the door, holding their cheeks in a daze with two small hands, and I didn’t know what she was thinking.
"Thousand Snow Girls!" At this time, a sound came.
Qianxue looked around and found that no one knew it was a secret sound, but she thought it was familiar.
The voice added, "Miss Qianxue, I can’t show up now. You can see me by following my voice. Don’t worry, I mean no harm. I have something important to tell you about the life and death of Elder Linglansha."
Qianxue heard that it was about the safety of Linglansha’s life and death, and immediately turned to the direction of the sound. After flying for five miles, she arrived at the place where the sound was said.
Thousands of snow fell, although he said it was harmless, but he still took out the snow to alert the surrounding area.
At this time, a black figure appeared and surprised thousands of snow.
Thousands of snow looked at the black dress person frowned. "Who are you? What did you say just now that there is a life-and-death event for my aunt? "
The man didn’t answer Qianxue’s question directly, but took the black scarf and asked with a smile, "Can Qianxue girl remember me?"
Qianxue was surprised when she saw the human being. "It’s you …"
Linglan yarn saw that the momentum was not good and shouted "Go back to Linglan family". Then all the brothers woke up and flew back to Linglan family.
Liu Tang sneer at a way "want to run? Not so easy "say that finish and then jump into the younger brother.
Linglan yarn came to the front of Tang Qiu and said, "These younger brothers are not his opponents. Now this is also a waste of life. I have sent people to Linglan Family and Huangjimen for help respectively. We will go back to Linglan Family recently, and the two of us will resist him for a while and let these younger brothers sometimes retreat."
Tang Qiu also thought it was feasible and nodded, "Just do as Mother says."
Two people broke out "Zhengyang Road" and "Huang Ji Road" respectively, a lux and a golden yellow flew to Liu Tang.
The sword in Linglan yarn’s hand was burning with flame and directly stabbed Liu Tang’s chest. Liu Tang’s hands are no longer hands. It should be said that two claws caught Linglan yarn’s sword.
Tang Qiu took advantage of this opportunity to cut Liu Tang’s neck. He didn’t expect that although Liu Tang’s two claws caught the Linglan yarn sword for a while, the claws resisted him, but when he was close, the long * * foot tail behind Liu Tang was thrown at his waist and directly took him far away.
Tang Qiu had a hard time stabilizing himself because Liu Tang’s tail sweep was too powerful. Tang Qiu was seriously injured and one mouthful blood poured out of his mouth.
Linglan yarn saw that Tang Qiu didn’t succeed, but she wanted to draw a long sword, but she couldn’t watch the tail and drew Linglan yarn from herself. She immediately abandoned the sword and flew back with her hands. The sword caught by Liu Tang’s two claws ignited a fire again.
Liu Tang long grabbed the sword that lit the fire and threw it at Linglan yarn.
Ling Lansha frowned and didn’t dare to flicker and hid in the past. The flaming flying sword flew into the distance.
Linglan yarn had a narrow squeak, but Tang Qiu’s anxious voice came again.
"Mom, be careful!"
Ling Lansha turned around and just saw that Liu Tang had flown to himself and was about to come around.
Tang Qiu fought his sword and went to Liu Tang to help Linglan yarn clear the way, but Nai Liu Tang acted quickly and his body was injured. After all, there was no way to intercept him before Liu Tang arrived at Linglan yarn.