"Did you just say that name?" Mu Zhuifeng looked puzzled at King Kong Gun.


"Let’s go, let’s go." I waved to the team to start, and by the way, I helped the King Kong cannon to solve the problem. I didn’t fully agree with the statement that the twelve cards in the King Kong cannon were all female fierce beasts, because the third card had not found any evidence that the tiger was female. Only the first two cards were insufficient, and the next nine cards were all guarded by female fierce beasts
When they heard the order, they got up and carried their equipment to the fourth card.
When I came to the fourth card, I found that the card door was closed and there was no sign that anyone had been here.
"Manager Lin, what did you write in that diary?" I waved to everyone to rest in place. Lin Yicheng wrote down the remaining nine masters in the diary. In the fourth Cary thing, there was also the lead box that put the fate artifact.
"The diary is written by my second uncle and I can’t read a lot of words." Lin Yicheng said, taking out the diary from his body and turning to the last page, let me watch it. I waved my hand to signalno. This diary was written by their Lins’ code, which I naturally couldn’t understand.
"When Erbo wrote this passage, his thinking was already very confused. The preface was inconsistent. The latter said that there were nine bones and a lead box. He also said that it was hell. Later, I learned that it was where the gods lived. My father was left by the gods, and the two of them were sent out by the gods." Lin Yicheng frowned and said.
"Sent out?" I raised my eyebrows and asked how it was normal to protect the tomb. The duty of the fierce beast was to kill them. How could they be sent out?
"The diary is written in this way, but I suspect that my uncle and Erbo are hallucinating or that they saw that fairy in disguise and hurt them." Lin Yicheng shook his head and said.
I nodded Lin Yicheng’s words made sense, because Lin Mengxuan and Lin Mengtian were trapped at the entrance of the dead imperial tomb. They were definitely not those Kunlun golden bees. Just because they could go in, it means that they found a way to restrain the wasps. If they could go in, they should be able to come out. It should be his reason that really killed them. Because the first Cary found that the bamboo slips had a sentence "See dry bones", I doubt whether the Lin brothers were poisoned by similar drugs.
"Always knocking at the door?" King Kong cannon pointed to the piece of bluestone on the left side of Shimen.
"Don’t worry, eat and rest first, and I’ll think about it later." I waved my hand to indicate that King Kong cannons don’t worry.
When people heard what I said, they took out dry food to eat, and they probably didn’t have such a chance to eat after they knew it.
King Kong Bao and Mu Zhuifeng took out dry food and gave it to me. I didn’t say anything in my hand, but I thought about what might happen in the fourth card. We don’t know what happened in the fourth card. But one thing I am sure is that there is absolutely restraint in the diary. Otherwise, the nine purple gas masters can’t be annihilated. How to deal with it? I have thought about it and didn’t come up with a good solution because I don’t know what’s going on inside.
Soon everyone finished eating and was ready to go.
"Do you have any explosives or mines?" I turned to look at the mercenaries.
"Yes, there are some" two mercenaries respectively replied, "Yes" mercenaries belong to Ye Aofeng and "Some" mercenaries belong to Lin Yicheng.
"Take out some of the mines and explosives," I ordered at them.
Soon the two men took out mines and explosives respectively.
"The old cow designed a Shimen Fried …"
Chapter 47 Break into houses
There are two reasons why I want the King Kong Gun to design the stone gate explosion. First, I believe in his professional skills. Second, I want to tell Ye Aofeng that we will also make the mine institute not design it before. He did so because he didn’t care.
"There is no such thing as bombing, which can collapse or fly." King Kong Bao shook his head and said.
"Can you blow out the gap like the third Kashimen?" I asked frowning.
"No, this is a M46 anti-tank mine left by the former Soviet Union, with a charge of 53 kilograms. So many expanding explosives can blow up the whole stone gate. These N explosives can also blow up the stone gate after drilling, but if you want to blow up the third stone gate, there must be no way." King Kong cannon pointed to the ground mines and explosives and said.
"Xiao Jiu, why do you want to blow up Shimen? Do you think it won’t give us a door?" Mu Zhuifeng asked puzzled
"It will definitely give us a door, but I don’t want it to be guarded," I shook my head and said.
"What exactly do you want to do?" Ye Aofeng also put in a sentence.
"Yes, section chief Yu, you can tell me what you think, so that everyone can be prepared." Lin Yicheng attached and
"Once we press the door machine to protect the tomb, the fierce beast will be prepared. Before the stone gate is opened, it will definitely be the first to start the enemy plane inside. I don’t want it to be prepared because it will greatly hinder us once the enemy plane is opened." I said my thoughts in detail.
"Then just blow up and forget it. The stone wall is so thick that it won’t collapse." King Kong cannon looked up.
"Old four said that it makes sense. Since it is necessary to blow up, it means to blow up the whole thing or part of it." Mu Zhuifeng agreed with the idea of King Kong cannon
"You didn’t understand. I don’t want to blow up the whole Shimen because I’m worried that the fierce beast guarding the tomb will chase out a gap of three meters square. We can block the fire. When the gap is big, our defense scope will also increase. We have to leave a back road for ourselves. If it doesn’t work, we can defend accordingly," I explained to them.
"I don’t know what you mean. You want to fight hand to hand. If you can’t beat us, we can go back and fight positional warfare." King Kong Bao understood my idea
"Yes," I nodded and said.
"With the imperial edict, it won’t leave its defensive card Xiao Jiu. You think too much," Mu Zhuifeng said lightly.
After longing for the wind, I remembered that the imperial edict on bamboo slips has the restriction that twelve fierce beasts guarding the tomb are forbidden to walk around each other. I hesitated for a moment and nodded to signal that the King Kong cannon would put explosives to blow up Shimen.
"Ye Aofeng’s card is likely to restrain spell casting, which means that our four spells may fail after going in. You are a little psychologically prepared," I said to Ye Aofeng when the King Kong cannon laid mines.