Put through!


A stranger is like a synthetic sound coming from another paragraph of the speech!
"Hello, Mr. Lewis!"
Mark said gloomily, "Browncrow, if Julia loses a finger, I swear I will throw your daughter and wife into the Pacific Ocean to feed sharks …"
"…" Brown crow!
Dressed like a tramp in an abandoned warehouse in Queens, Brown Crow’s face froze when he heard this sentence.
It’s not white at all. Where did you show a flaw?
Mark laughed coldly. "You fucking maggot! I really didn’t. I didn’t grasp your position these months. You met your daughter in the playground three days ago … "
Brown Crow "… how did you find out it was me?"
Mark looked around at his hands and disarmed. "Ugly, slutty and bloodthirsty … Hehe, really, we didn’t find your notes in the chimney?"
At the sight of these three consecutive words, Mark knew who made this mistake.
Luckily, when he just saw the first line, it was still Jigsaw who came into this universe!
And play a game!
Spray your face with nosebleeds!
"Is Debbie located yet?" Mark covers the microphone and quickly locates the signal sending position of Julia’s mobile phone towards the brain. Debbie asks!
The words just fell!
Debbie turned around and made an OK gesture, and handed the note with the location address of the mobile phone to Mark!
As soon as Debbie got up, Mark pointed to the hand ready to follow and said faintly, "Don’t come here!" "
This time, Mark didn’t throw the maggot with poor appearance but disgusting index into the Pacific Ocean.
Mark has his last name!
Ever since Mark’s first case, he’s been picking on Mark, and he’s still tireless.
If you say you have brains, forget it. Mark will pay more attention to it!
But you came out of a remote town and got away with the FBI, poor and small …
Why are you dancing so happily?
Who’s wrong? Why do you have to worry about an opponent who is higher than you in terms of resources or education?
Mark didn’t look him in the eye. Fuck!
But you’re so contemptuous. That’s your pot.
After getting out of the car, Mark controlled the car to reverse rapidly while holding the words.
Across the street, Brown Crowe seems to have sensed something when he was about to hang up.
Mark sounded cold. "If you dare to leave or touch Julia, you can feed sharks in the Pacific Ocean at noon today …"
With that, Mark threw his cell phone directly to the co-pilot and headed for Queens!
"Bang … Shette!"
An abandoned warehouse near the river bank, with hands and feet tied and a chair, Julia looked horrified and suddenly went crazy not far away. Browncrow!
I really don’t understand why the kidnapper who just answered the phone and smiled all over his face suddenly became like this.
Don’t be stimulated by anything!
From a federal agent with limited scenery to a kidnapper, Mr. Brown Crow did not expect it.
"Fake …"
When he heard on that radio that Mark Louis had a daughter.
He looked shocked!
Just then, a mysterious man found him and asked him if he wanted revenge for the culprit who brought him all this!
He agreed!
Immediately came up with a very perfect revenge.
It turned out that he was going to kidnap the fourteen-year-old Leslie Louis.
But …
Kidnapping in school is too dangerous, and it is escorted by Mark Cheng on the way to school.
Wind and rain resistance!
Look at this guy, Ben has never been so diligent …
Brown Crowe can choose to kidnap Julia for the second time.
After the kidnapping, he had already thought about it, but even hid himself …
He’s going to make Julia humiliate Mark, but the client has seen through it before!
But also threatened him in turn!
What is this called?
He’s the kidnapper!
Rub your hair, which is like a chicken coop and still smells strange.
Brown Crowe took out a disposable cell phone from his muddy trouser pocket and dialed a word!
Put through!
"He has found me," said Julia, a hostage tied to her chair, with a glance. "He will be with you soon."
"… relax, Mr Crowe! Don’t move there! "
Brown crow slightly one leng way "what sound …"
Chapter 114 The mysterious man from Mark