Through the Fogen family, I learned the information god from China’s true line, and I came to ask Gao Le after the operation. I also taught him that Bai Shaoliu was mentally impressed a few days ago, so Hua Zhen can also interpret this earth pupil.


Ling Jiwei recorded that those black materials involved some people, and Dan Zicheng was unlikely to deal with them, but Hua Zhenxing was likely to deal with some people.
There is also a complete set of magical skills in this earth pupil, which is equivalent to a high-end one, which is not suitable for ordinary magical skills. The bases are all high-level magical skills.
For the younger brother of Sanmeng, it is a difficult achievement in this life to cultivate the door method to the extreme, and there is no great need to study these.
However, if a theologian organization gets it, its value can be estimated, and it can be used to formulate an advanced culture for senior theologians. Fugen family support Yuangu already has a higher-end part.
The cultivation of Yangyuan Valley is not a theologian but a Yangyuan teacher, in other words, a whiteboard monk.
However, the white board monks can’t always be white boards. After they become intermediate teachers, they also need to choose various research and development directions according to their personal interests and expertise.
The personnel base is particularly large, and the training direction that can be selected is also sufficient. In the future, there are hundreds of thousands of intermediate yuan-cultivating instructors in the blueprint of the world.
It’s impossible for them not to deal with God-like technicians in Gangbi, and it’s impossible not to study the corresponding God-like technicians. Many people are God-like technicians from Yangyuan Valley, and they can’t live without advanced teaching level.
In this earth pupil, three magical techniques are also burned, namely, the song of ice and fire, the anxious to return and the protection of the gods.
Ice-fire song is a powerful attack magic, which can not only lock the target attack, but also show a large-scale attack on a specific target. The latter attack range is very destructive.
Anxious to return is a high-order magic. Simply put, it is to record a place that has been reached and then record the route to this place. Once the magic is stimulated, it can teleport back.
Anxious to return, of course, has restrictions on recording places and routes, and it must be within the reach of magical power, otherwise people will stop halfway.
Sheltering from the gods is a kind of patron saint technique, which can protect the gods from the outside, resist all kinds of shocks and enter an approximate enemy state for about 30 seconds.
These 30 seconds of asylum can attack the outside world in the same way, but this long time is enough to do a lot of things, which can be used by the Jedi to turn the tables.
Careful consideration of these three magical skills in Hua Zhen also surprised out in a cold sweat. This is the three tricks to steal the tower! Imagine what it would be like if someone sneaked into a forbidden area and suddenly inspired these three magical powers.
First, inspire the ice and fire songs to do a large-scale destruction, then inspire God to protect himself, and then inspire anxious to return to get out of danger and reach an safe place in a blink of an eye.
These three magical techniques have been stimulated and are in a state of "waiting to be filled"
According to this, it can be inferred that this god Ishihara was first damaged by the mosaic staff, but the earth pupil was hard to be damaged and kept in Ling Jiwei’s hands …
The unique beauty of the earth pupil is that it can be used as a magic scroll to burn the corresponding magic style for many times, and then it will be activated when it is sealed and cast.
After the magical power is stimulated, the magical power is still burned again. I want to use this magical power without re-burning and re-sealing, just like it can be recharged repeatedly.
Make the highest-level staves as far as possible. In ancient times, this stave was nicknamed the enemy wand. Only after things really started can Hua Zhen do nothing. The so-called enemy wand is not a real enemy.
Hua Zhenxing won’t build a stave, but he can consult Yue Gaole even if he can’t do it. But even if he recreates the stave, Hua Zhen won’t be able to re-energize these three magical techniques because he has nothing to do.
Who can "recharge" the magical skill? It must be able to display these three magical skills at the same time. The great god craftsman can display such three high-order magical skills at the same time. I’m afraid it’s a nine-level peak level, right?
Moreover, it is more difficult to "recharge" the magic of burning in the staff than to display the same magic. The principle is similar to building a symbol or a scroll that will be hit by itself if it is accidentally wrong.
Hua Zhenxing can try to ask Gao Le for help and see if there is such a thing as asking Gao Le. Even if there is such a thing, it depends on whether he is willing …
The theoretical enemy wand can’t be enemies in reality? There is also a more important limitation, that is, how many kinds of magical techniques are used to "fill" the difficulties, not to mention that the recording process must be formed at one time!
If you want to burn a new magic wand, you will overwrite the situation that the original magic wand is already very powerful, and no one will try it easily.
Hua Zhen can continue to burn the magic method if he finds someone to make this earth pupil into a stave. For example, he is most sure and good at treating magic now, but to do so is equivalent to erasing the three strokes of stealing the tower.
The great sorcerer who can successfully burn the "three tricks to steal the tower" should have been at the peak of the world. The theoretical magic method of burning wands can be limited, but no one can actually do it.
Otherwise, when Ling Jiwei wanted to sneak up on Mr. Feng and make this earth pupil into an enemy wand, he had to borrow the wind disc again.
After getting this earth pupil, Hua Zhen’s trip is a little itchy, which is equivalent to erasing and repeating the magic scroll. He also wants to try his own means
Burn yourself first, and you can master the magic formula, and then you can erase the magic formula. The magic of re-burning the staff can grow with the messenger’s practice.
However, once this is done, the three tricks of stealing the tower have been burned, and it will be gone. Making a staff is equivalent to returning to the "whiteboard" state. After all, Hua Zhen Bank refrained from planning to find an opportunity to ask about Gao Le before deciding how to do it.
In addition to studying the trip to Hua Zhen, I also wrote a dictionary these days, which looks like a big dictionary. Every page is thick and illustrated.
This is the first written prescription of Chundan since it came out.
Hua Zhen’s special natural materials and treasures are written in Dan Fang. When ordinary people see that it is a graphic monk, they can also read Hua Zhenxing’s sacred thoughts.
It’s been a long time since his trip to Hua Zhen, because his real experience is "history" that has not been recorded in that dream.
That dream is very interesting. It shows the scene 500 years later. In the dream, he is a fresh graduate of Bangalore University who has just entered Chundan Center.
Yang Lao tou is still a small shop, but he has another hidden identity.
In his dream, a colleague named Zhu Meng, a descendant of Dong Guo immigrants, went to Dong Guo Chunhua University as an exchange student for one year in his junior year. This period, he was set up to pull water and became a commercial spy.
Zhu Meng’s stolen prescription was caught by Hua Zhenxing and taken away by Yang Laotou’s team. Then a master named Yunmo Yangyuan, the owner of Chundan Center, handed it to Hua Zhen for a copy of the original prescription of Chundan.
The dream is generally like this. When Hua Zhen woke up and recalled this dream, he "remembered" more and more details, just like weaving a world that is more and more real, more concrete and more abundant.
The dream world also has history. What does Hua Zhenxing do now to fill the historical blank?
After the breakthrough of Dacheng’s repair, Hua Zhen has already reacted to the inexplicable "unification" in the Yuan God, that is, Yang Laotou played tricks on Uncle Mo and Kefu should also have a share!
He now understands the original dream, so that the dream should be a special deduction, and how he is disappointed with the real world, he has a vision of the future world.