I didn’t see it until I turned around and bowed to me. I quickly let her get up, and Wu Zetian was next to me.


"Let her go. Wan’er is honored and weighed. She respects people in her heart. Except for me, there is only one left, that is, Wen Tao’s military strategy swept across Liuhe, the first emperor of Qin, Ying Zheng. She can’t say no to seeing you again."
"Aunt Qing, I’m a wild goose, not Ying Zheng. I’m afraid you can’t stand it."
"Just because you’re not now doesn’t mean you won’t be in the future …" Wu Zetian said quietly behind me.
I suddenly realized what to help Qingyang and slowly turned away with some doubts.
"The last time I saw you was before I went to the Fourteenth Mausoleum. I didn’t even know who I was, and you wouldn’t know what I haven’t seen you since … what do you know about Ying Zheng?"
☆ Chapter seventy-five Don’t let an inch of land.
I’ve met too many strange things and inscrutable people since I accidentally came into contact with the Fourteenth Mausoleum. I’m used to shock and accident for a long time, and I’m somewhat numb. But for Wu Zetian and Guan Wan’er in front of me, even though their identities and encounters are bizarre, I’m sure they can’t understand the Tao. Although they have also studied the hidden dragon for nine days, I believe that maybe they are the two people who are the most involved in this matter.
After the fact was calculated by Wei Yong, I was very worried about their situation and experience, especially after I came back, I tried to find them many times. Without Wu Zetian and Guan Wan’er, I couldn’t find the Fourteenth Mausoleum, and I wouldn’t be involved in the unexpected things behind them. They are more like mentors and elders to me. After all, one is the only queen and the other is praised as a talented woman.
But like all my experiences, I can only see things on the surface, just like Qiu Nuo Zhongshan said that sentence meaningfully. I know everything about many things, and I have no idea about reality.
When Wu Zetian saw me, she was calm and Wan’er, the official, worshipped me from the bottom of her heart, so I didn’t see any surprise in their eyes. Everything was so natural and smooth. It seemed that Wu Zetian had been waiting for me, knowing that I would come sooner or later, and Wan’er, the official, knew my life as well as before. I suddenly found that I really wanted to be the last person to know the truth.
After I helped officer Wan’er up, I turned to ask Wu Zetian what they would know everything, and Wu Zetian actually answered irrelevant questions and asked me if I still remember the original agreement.
I nodded noncommittally, and they both wanted to find a way to crack the nine-day hidden dragon’s decision to live forever without any affectation. I am sure that their greatest wish is still to die like a normal person. Before they can’t afford it, they pinned their hopes on the fourteen tombs and nine-day hidden dragon’s decision. Now I can understand from Wu Zetian’s tone that her expectations and original intentions have not changed, but I hope to transfer from the nine-day hidden dragon’s decision to me.
It stands to reason that their idea is correct. Since Ying Zheng wrote the cracking method, he certainly knows it by heart. If I finally become the king, it will be easy for them to break her eternal life. But the more I am puzzled, I still ask Wu Zetian how she knows what happened later.
After receiving my affirmative reply, Wu Zetian gave me an answer, which made me feel comfortable with Wen Zhuo and Xiao Lianshan next to me
"Noel told me and Wan’er everything." Wu Zetian and quiet inside never forced to answer.
Wu Zetian’s address to Qiu Nuo now has completely subverted everything I had imagined, and suddenly it has become confusing.
Qiu Nuo and Wei Yong have been planning for a long time to drag me into the game. Judging from the attitude of Wu Zetian and Guan Wan’er before, they should know this.
"You … you knew from the beginning that Qiu Nuo and Wei Yong were in cahoots?" Xiao lianshan beside surprised to ask
"I didn’t know the truth. I didn’t expect Noel to deceive me and Wan’er and lead you to raise her for more than 20 years. In the end, I realized that I didn’t know her at all."
Wu Zetian calmly answered. I can tell from her expression that she is not lying, but I can’t see the slightest disappointment and regret in Wu Zetian’s face, as if all this is not important to her.
"Qiu Nuo is your adopted daughter. You have known her best for more than 20 years. She has never left your side since she was a child?"
I’m asking this question to prove that Qiu Nuo’s Taoist practice can never be achieved overnight. If it’s only 20 years, I don’t believe that Qiu Nuo will learn such advanced Taoism and get an answer. Once again, Wu Zetian is sure to tell me that Qiu Nuo has never left her
I was frowning with a blank face, and Wu Zetian suddenly said thoughtfully
"But Noel was not an infant when I adopted her. Maybe I was destined to meet her."
"Not a baby …" Wen Zhuo’s eyes suddenly lit up and asked eagerly, "How old was she when you adopted her?"
I still remember seeing Nuo’s childhood when I was seven years old. At that time, Wan’er and I were still at Jingzhao, where the geese came back to the place where you first saw me. Wu Zetian looked up at me and said calmly, "That year, the snowy winter didn’t stop for several days. Wan’er accompanied me to enjoy the snow scene at night. I heard that there was movement outside the house. I saw a girl sitting on the wall with her arms folded. It was very attractive. The girl was shivering in her thin clothes. I asked Wan’er to take her into the house and she never left me again."
"Is she Qiu Nuo?" Xiao lianshan asked
"So you didn’t know what happened before Qiu Nuo was seven years old. Did you ever ask later?" I saw Wu Zetian nodded and asked seriously.
"Noel was young and hungry at that time. After I adopted her, I also asked her about the past. I wanted to send her back, but she didn’t remember anything." Wu Zetian answered extremely.
Qiu Nuo can’t forget that the seven-year-old girl already knows that even Wu Zetian and Guan Wan’er can deceive the past if she goes to disguise, which means that the real secret of Qiu Nuo should be before she appears before Wu Zetian, but it’s hard for me to understand how many secrets a seven-year-old girl can have.
Wu Zetian, a Taoist practitioner, even denied that she told me that Qiu Nuo was the most involved with Guan Wan when she was a child, and that Guan Wan’er was taught by the Tang Dynasty ethics. Qiu Nuo was the most involved in piano, chess and painting except ordinary etiquette, and even they did not intend to tell Qiu Nuo about their identity, let alone immoral things.
More Kuang Wu Ze Tian and Guan Wan’er know a lot about Daoism, and Qiu Nuo’s practice of Daoism from their personal studies is even more important. Besides, Wu Zetian and Guan Wan’er’s only contact with Daoism is only a nine-day hidden dragon decision, and my second encounter with Qiu Nuo is definitely not a nine-day hidden dragon decision.
"since Qiu Nuo has been deceiving you, why will he tell you what happened later?" Wen Zhuo asked some doubts
"Noel’s hiding something should be because of her difficulties, but she can keep me and Wan’er here for years. It’s not in vain to nurture her. I understand Noel’s intention. I was dormant in the Kanye Temple to avoid disputes." Wu Zetian smiled calmly and said, "Noel told me that events have cast their shadows before me, and I still came back here. What will happen outside? I didn’t ask her, but I think she must have her reasons since she chose to do so."
"That makes sense? Do you know what she has done outside? "Xiao Lianshan looked at Wu Zetian lightly, otherwise she would suddenly fly into a rage." Her heart was evil and her hands were bloody and vicious. Shen Xiang was what we saw with our own eyes. Qiu Nuo actually interrupted her body and tried to live, so that she could not survive. Qiu Nuo was so horrible that it seemed that you still thought she was right? "
"It’s so good to tell a joke about right and wrong. I’ve set up a dry tomb tablet for thousands of years, and now later generations haven’t told me what I’ve done or what I’ll do. How much can you be white?" Wu Zetian turned around with a wave of his long sleeves in Tsing Yi and said, "Right and wrong have never been so simple, and judging right and wrong people will never be losers. History is written by the strong. The winner is the king, and even if it is right in the end, it will be wrong."
"You …" Before Wu Zetian, Xiao Lianshan came with a clumsy mouth, and he couldn’t get a good retort from Wu Zetian.
"Noel kills one person or a few people, you can say that she is horrible and outrageous. According to your logical condemnation, it is not Noel’s turn to recite this reproach." Wu Zetian Leng Mei took a glance at Xiao Lianshan with a strong tone and said, "Now there are two people in this Kanye Temple who are far more bloody than Noel. I am one of them to eliminate cronies and clean up stubborn ministers. I don’t even know how many are in my hands."
Wu Zetian said here, her eyes turned to me, and she paused for a moment to relax.
"And the king of Qin … sweeping the six kingdoms and unifying them can be a success, and I’m afraid I’m expected to be back."
Wu Zetian walked slowly to the front of Xiao Lianshan. blazing with anger asked from calm.
"Noel’s killing several people is outrageous. Dare you ask me and the king of Qin what you should think?"
"I saw Li Yiqiu’s murder with my own eyes, and I was cruel and cold-blooded. Maybe you didn’t see it with your own eyes, but what he said was true." I took a deep breath and saw that Xiao Lianshan was forced by Wu Zetian to take the words and said calmly, "This is why we came to see you and Aunt Qing. On the one hand, we were worried about your safety, on the other hand, we wanted to know the details of Qiu Nuo."
Suddenly, there was a tense atmosphere in the courtyard. I was surprised to see Wu Zetian talking to her for the first time. Perhaps it was washed by too long years. She gave me the feeling that she was fighting for the world in quiet inside, and she devoted herself to worshipping Buddha. It can be seen that she somewhat repented of the former forest. A person who can look straight at his mistakes will never blindly distort right and wrong.
But Wu Zetian defended Qiu Nuo. I’m curious about what Qiu Nuo told her to make Wu Zetian fight for such a person.
☆, Chapter seventy-six Children fishing inkstone
Wu Zetian’s eyes turned to me and softened a lot. After listening to me, she seemed to want to say something to me, but in the end I got a sigh and looked at her expression. I knew she was hiding something and didn’t intend to tell me.
"Okay, okay, you’ve been waiting for the geese to come back, and it’s hard for you to look forward to it. Don’t just talk outside." Officer Wan’er saw that the atmosphere was not right. He smiled lightly and helped Wu Zetian. "I went into the house to make a pot of tea. I haven’t seen you for so long, so I must have a lot to say."
After hearing what Wan’er said, perhaps Wu Zetian also realized that she was somewhat rude, apologetic, smiling and self-deprecating and shaking her head.
"Thousands of years of practice have been destroyed. Hehe, it seems that my peace of mind is just an act. Don’t talk about these troubles. Since you are not Ying Zheng, the king of Qin, I will still think that you are a wild goose who has not seen you for several years after talking on that snowy night. Why don’t others go in and sit and talk slowly when making tea?"
We sat around the room with Wu Zetian, who had been watching me for a long time, and I was at a loss when I suddenly saw her smile.
"Did you ever bring that national seal?"
I nodded and sent the national seal to her. Wu Zetian was somewhat nostalgic and longing at a glance. After all, this thing has different meanings to her. Wu Zetian slowly reached out and gently stroked the seal body, and finally took a cool smile in his hand.
"In those days, I deliberately kept this treasure seal, but I didn’t want to justify it. I didn’t think that all the days had their own days. It turned out that this treasure seal was kept for you, and I was ordered to live in Yongchang for a long time … how many emperors carved this word in their hearts, but now I am only white, and maybe you can take it up."
Wu Zetian finished returning the decree to my eyes and then I shook my head and answered calmly.
"I’m Qin Yan, past, present and future. I never thought of being another person, even if that person was a king. If I could choose it again, I would rather have stayed in the mountains and never came out."
"You choose … hehe" Wu Zetian smiled and said meaningfully, "It’s always arranged, and you never choose the opportunity. It doesn’t matter whether you want to be Ying Zheng, the king of Qin or not. You are destined to be him sooner or later, just as I just said, right and wrong are not so easy to judge and right and wrong are also not under your control."
Wu Zetian said that I couldn’t understand the vernacular, but on second thought, since she could defend Qiu Nuo, she said that she either believed Qiu Nuo or told her something, but whatever it was, I’m sure it should be extraordinary and obvious. She didn’t intend to tell me that she wouldn’t do anything now, and I didn’t continue to ask.
Officer Wan’er pushed the door and came in to make good tea. As always, you can smell the fragrant tea from afar. The taste is light for a long time, but the elegant fragrance is quiet and turns into a trance. It is also the same tea when you first met Wu Zetian and officer Wan’er on a snowy night. But now I have no fear of raising a glass and drinking it.
Wu Zetian silently looked at me for a long time, took the teacup and slowly said with a smile
"It’s been three days, and you’re no longer the former Qin Yan. You’ve already had an imperial attitude, maybe you didn’t notice it imperceptibly."
"Li Yi talked and laughed about the wild goose returning to nature and being indifferent to the afterlife. It’s not my wish for the wild goose to return to school. People should believe that fate is hard to bully, but after so many things, the wild goose will believe that my life is up to me …"
"Since you believe in numerology, it’s hard to violate the truth. If you arrange your destiny like this in the last day, what can you do?" Wu Zetian smiled out of turn.
I calmly picked up the national seal in front of me and stared at it. I replied firmly with every word.
"Since God wants this joke, the geese will have … Heaven wants to destroy me!"
I speak from my mouth, and the four people sitting next to me have different expressions.
With a thud, the teacup in Wen Zhuo’s hand fell off the coffee table and the tea splashed all over the floor. I found Wen Zhuo’s eyes a little naive and Xiao Lianshan was very excited. He always supported all my decisions.
The rest are Wu Zetian and Guan Wan’er. Although they didn’t say anything, they smiled at each other and seemed to be particularly satisfied with my answer. Then they saw Guan Wan’er smiling and she casually asked me while renewing tea.
"What are you going to destroy the sky?"
I was stupefied and finally understood what they meant in their laughter. I did subtly change my tone and my thoughts were very ambitious. Although I always denied that I was not that person, I was slowly changing, just like the official Wan’er asked me, I should have an idea before I finished this sentence. I have already acquiesced that I am him.
Wu Zetian saw that I was speechless and touched the beads in my hands. It was very easy to calm down and smiled faintly, giving the topic a bifurcation.
"Qiu Nuo told me about what happened to you over the past few years, and I thought that you would find here sooner or later. Your aunt Qing has been chanting about you. Are you the king of Qin? It’s still difficult for you or I know the geese. It’s hard to come back to me sometimes. Don’t live up to your aunt Qing’s wishes today. When I wait for you to come again, you will know that you are joking since you are the emperor …"