"Dare to be wild!"


Seven kills the peak and half ancestors look sharp and anger one.
"Even if the bodhi old zu comes today, it won’t save you!"
Su Mo coldly looked at Teng Ling2 han2 and said, "Come on!"
Nature violet swayed and trembled, and cracks spread towards Teng Ling!
Tengling’s combat power has dropped sharply, and its roots can’t dodge.
He knew that he would die with a cruel look in his eyes. He took out a blood-red token directly from the bag and threw it at Su Mo!
Blood rattan clan killing order!
This killing order is not a great instrument.
Nature’s violet lotus leaves cut the killing order in half with a single stroke.
But at the same time, the permission order also released a strange power arrival Su Mo.
Su Mo wanted to find out this power carefully but suddenly disappeared.
It’s like it was just his illusion.
And he didn’t feel anything wrong with his body.
"Wild wu you can’t escape! You will be hunted and killed by my blood vine family forever! Ha ha ha ha ha! "
Teng ling smiled miserably.
Nature violet power arrival!
With a loud noise!
Many eyes looked at Teng Ling as if it had just burst like a blood gourd, and the blood fog spewed red on the top of the mountain!
He didn’t escape from Yuan Shen!
The blood vine family is a young master!
Chapter one thousand four hundred and thirty-one Hide the strong
"I’m going to crush you to pieces!"
Seeing this scene, the seven-kill peak blood rattan clan can sound cold and surly, gnashing his teeth.
Su Mo broke out in this attack and couldn’t bear to reveal the human form again. He landed from the middle and gasped slightly and saw sweat on his forehead.
You know, this time, he’s threatening with six semi-ancestral gods!
After all, he has just stepped into the fit environment, so the consumption is too great for a fit environment in its early stage!
From Sumo’s stepping into Six-Star Mountain and releasing the four-ignorance fire to now, it takes a lot of energy to kill Teng Ling, a god with six and a half ancestors.
He would have been unable to support himself if it had not been for the intense consumption of the lotus-bed, which constantly nourishes the Yuan God.
Seeing that six half-fathers and fifty blood vines have surrounded Su Mo’s thoughts, it has been decided.
This place should not stay long!
If these blood vines are entangled and killed, he is likely to fall here.
When he leaves here and recovers, he can make a comeback!
And Teng Ling hit that so-and-so order at him before he fell into the meteorite. Although I can’t feel anything strange now, it’s a bit odd.
This killing order is likely to be a huge hidden danger and I don’t know when it will break out!
Fifty great powers have arrived.
Yu Wufeng’s half-ancestor of the blood vine family also came to kill the seven peaks!
Six statues, half ancestors and fifty statues can surround the Seven Killing Peaks, let alone a big living person, even mosquitoes can’t fly out!
Su Mo looked calm, and the palm bag was taken out from the inside with a beat. A crumpled animal skin was painted with mysterious patterns.
Send a big array in the ancient times!
Once started, Sumo can be sent to hundreds of millions of miles away.
Of course, the sending array is incomplete and the sending position is fixed randomly.
Su Mo is going to send it away first.
He resisted for a moment and then looked for an opportunity. Nandou sent everyone to leave together!
If you can really get out of here and really cultivate the realm, you can definitely recover from the Buddha and the blue lantern!
Su Mo’s support at this time can really clearly sense that the true breath becomes unstable, which is a sign to break through the boundary!
The truth is the law.
But in order to save Nandou, all the people came to be suppressed by Teng Ling for ten years!
I’ve been fighting with blood all the time in the past ten years.
If he slackens a little, he will be refined into blood!
If he can’t resist it, he will die!
The pressure method is comparable to this situation.
Such great pressure really helped him break through the source of strength after suffering for ten years!
What’s more, this trip also shows the great compassion, mind and boldness of vision of Tibetan Bodhisattva!
No accident, I will definitely step into the fit!
So Su Mo has to send the truth away first.
"Not good! The wild weapons want to escape! "
"block it quickly!"
"I can’t come!"
Blood rattan half ancestors saw Su Mo take out the hide when they vaguely realized what.
But by the time they react, Su Mo has already started to send hides to the large array!
There is a mysterious force fluctuation in the bright hide array.