Or … Emperor territory?
More importantly, this purple man is obviously on the side of the blood butterfly demon emperor, and they have just stated that they want to submit to the’ Cang’
I’m afraid this purple man can kill them with one breath!
Sirs demon will tremble at budo Zun for fear that the cruel man will make moves on them.
But Wu Daozun didn’t pay attention to these demons. He thought of tiger, green and golden lion.
"The practice speed is very fast."
Wu Daozun felt the three-person cultivation realm and nodded his head.
The tiger patted his chest and said, "After the three of us came to the wild, we fought in the frontier all the year round. After this, it was several bloody battles."
"What is there to say?"
Qingqing took a white look at the tiger and said, "Compared with the eldest brother, we are far from it."
Wu Daozun smiled and asked, "Are there three of you in the wild? Can there be news of monkeys, night spirits and foxes?"
"Monkey and the fifth brother never heard from each other."
Huang Jinshi said, "But the fox is also wild. She has a much better chance than the three of us. It is valued by a fox emperor to accept her brother and estimate that she needs us to repair the realm."
The tiger said excitedly, "We just talked about Fox. We haven’t seen her for a long time. I miss her very much. Let’s get together with Fox when you come back."
"Fox will be heartbroken if he sees Big Brother." Qingqing chuckled.
Although Fox is also their seven brothers, several of them can see that Fox is closest to Su Mo.
The tiger seems to have thought of something and winked at Wu Daozun. "I’m afraid the boss didn’t want to see us most this time, but others …"
"Of course she wants to see."
Wu Daozun nodded and did not hide his mind. "But now that you have come to the wild, you don’t have to rush."
At the beginning, Su Mo, a wild continent, thought that maybe one day he could meet the butterfly moon as a martial artist.
The truth of budo is his greatest reliance and pride in his practice!
Even Butterfly Moon knows nothing about budo!
At the beginning, Butterfly Moon was surprised to see Long Huang’s achievements with the help of the vision of his true blood vessels.
Violet didn’t deceive her perception.
But she didn’t notice budo.
Su Mo is finally looking forward to this day.
He wants to come to the wild to find the butterfly moon not only because of missing.
More because Su Mo wants to show her before Butterfly Moon.
The teenager who spent a lot of time trying to change her life has come to this step today, seeing her back chasing after her.
What ….. Can she fight side by side!
"I’m afraid I have to go to Tianwu Hall first."
Qingqing thoughtfully said a little, "There are dozens of Gaiyu countries in the Tai ‘a Mountains. I suspect that the betrayal of Gaiyu Lich King may not be a case."
"Let’s go to the Temple of Heaven to inform the Demon Emperor of Heaven of this matter, and let him have a preparation."
Huang Jinshi also nodded and said, "You really should tell Tianwu that the demon emperor was caught off guard when he suffered a misfortune."
"Let’s go"
Wu Daozun nodded and said, "Just in the right way, you can tell me about the situation of the Eastern Wilderness."
There is a general understanding of Wudao Zun in the wild world.
He doesn’t know much about what the territory of Yu Donghuang is.
"Gaiyu Lich King is dead. You can stay if you want to walk."
The tiger looked at the demon generals in the hall and said, "But we won’t show mercy when we meet again in the battlefield in the future!"
With that, Wu Daozun and his four men turned away and went to Tian Wudianhang in the Taia Mountains.
According to the tiger, the owner of the Tai ‘a Mountain Range is the habitat of the Heaven Wu Diantian, and the Emperor Wu Yao is a heterogeneous tiger demon with ten tiger tails.
There are nine mountains in the whole East Wilderness!
There are 100,000 mountains in each mountain range, and many tribal countries are located in a territory comparable to the celestial fairy land.
These nine mountain ranges are the Tuqiu Mountain, where Emperor Hai Long sits.
Dapeng Demon Emperor sits in the swaying mountain range.
The demon emperor of Hexu Mountain is in charge.
Kyubi no Youko, the demon emperor of Qingqiu Mountain, sits in the seat.
Liupo Mountain Real Cattle Demon Emperor sits in town.
Bai Ze Demon Emperor sits in the Daze Mountain Range.
Dayan Mountain Qingtian Emperor sits in the seat.
The mysterious snake demon emperor sits in the Dongji mountain range.
The demon emperor of Tianwu in Tai ‘a Mountains sits in the seat.
There are nine demon emperors in nine mountain ranges.
Of course, the strength of the nine demon emperors’ practice is also different.
According to the tiger’s speculation, the strongest fighting power should be the wild dragon emperor, the Dapeng demon emperor and the deity demon emperor!
Hearing these three names, Wu Daozun was thoughtful.
There are twelve Lich Kings in the Secret Book of the Wild Lich King!
There are three of them, namely, the Dragon King of the Wild Sea, the Dapeng Demon King and the Elephant Demon King.
His magical powers, such as practicing the magic power of six teeth and six wings, came from these three demon kings.
So over the years, these three demon kings have all grown into strong demons!
It’s his names of several demon emperors that seem strange, right?
Among the Twelve Lich Kings, there are wild cows, ghosts, tigers, wind leopards, foal turtles and so on …