It takes hard work!


It’s only been three months since you gave him these things. How can he practice?
The tea party has been
The first game is the law confrontation.
The rules are simple.
The ancient gate will send a monk.
Yu Zongmen’s forces include Xianmen, Buddhism and Zhongzhoumen’s aristocratic family, which is very scattered. If an array mage can win this ancient array monk, even if the other side wins.
If people can beat the monks of the ancient array gate, the ancient array gate will win!
Although the rules are simple, they reveal the confidence and details of the four major side doors!
Brother can meet all array challenges when he comes out of the ancient array gate!
The final winner was awarded the title of Master by Lan Yuedao!
For example, the final winner of the array confrontation is the array master.
The final winner of the battle for an alchemist is the alchemist.
Four masters were decided in four matchups!
Can drink a cup of extremely mysterious tea!
The array confrontation is a huge sand table, which requires the Godsworn’s knowledge to enter the array.
Su Mo also studied law.
He hasn’t thrown it all these years.
Because every level of the candle-lit sword array not only increases the number of flying swords, but also understands the meaning of this level of array.
It’s Su Mo candle shining on the sword array. The third layer of the card has stagnated.
The fourth layer law he would have understood.
But there is no matching sword.
The fourth layer candle sword array needs 36 swords.
And if you want to be successful, the length of the 36 swords, the body of the sword and the epee should be similar!
Su Mo doesn’t know how to forge multiplier.
It’s an idiotic dream to collect the same 36 swords!
After he stepped into Yuan Ying’s territory, his candle shone on the sword array and it was put on hold.
The later the sword array is, the more flying swords are needed.
It takes eleven flying swords to cultivate to the ninth floor!
The candle-illuminated sword array is amazing in power, but it didn’t come. Even the monks of the ancient array gate didn’t know this sword array.
This is the reason!
Su Mo gathered in front of the sand table to watch the law confrontation when he was idle.
About two hours.
The results came out.
In the end, a Yanbai Zhenjun in the ancient gate won!
In the end, Yan Baizhen finally laid a large array and trapped more than 100 array masters in a row. The record of getting rid of difficulties is dazzling!
"Give tea!"
Lan Yue Dao Jun smiled and waved gently. At the top of Tongxuan tea tree, a piece of light green tea floated into the teacup.
The elder beside her brought fresh spiritual spring to boil and melt a water polo into the teacup.
A smell of tea quickly diffuses to make people feel relaxed and happy.
It is the smell of tea in the distance that has such an effect. This extremely mysterious tea is precious!
Thousand cranes door elders personally make tea to send the past.
Yan Baizhen was flattered to take the extremely mysterious tea and look at the bright green tea, regardless of the hot head!
Tea into the belly smoke BaiZhen gentleman was a shock immediately cross your legs and sit with your eyes closed, uniting the feeling up and instantly immersed.
Friar Gu Zhen-men hurriedly surrounded him to protect him from being disturbed.
Then there is the struggle for alchemy
Anyone who is an alchemist from all over Zhongzhou can take part in the challenge.
Meeting the challenge is Brother Danyang Gate.
The Danyang Sect revealed that this alchemist was none other than the Soviet Union and Mexico in the ancient battlefield. Tang Yu, a woman disguised as a man!
Xiao Ning and Ji Chengtian were able to worship Danyang Gate thanks to Tang Yu’s introduction.
I haven’t seen Tang Yu for years, but I still dress up as a white-faced boy. From a distance, I look like a handsome male brother.
Sue ink heart can’t help but think of a small setting.
"If Xiao Ning, she must also have the opportunity to compete for the title of alchemist."
Su Mo heart andao
The battle for an alchemist was won in a short hour.
Not surprisingly, Tang Yu won the title of alchemist!
"Give tea!"
Lan Yue Dao Jun once again picked a piece of top tea of Tongxuan tea tree without hesitation.
By thousand cranes door elder bubble very mysterious tea sent in the past.