"what! Break up! ?” Guo Yunyao suddenly got up.


Mo Xiaocheng was not surprised that Guo Yunyao had such a big reaction and then said, "Yes, we broke up, which brings us to the second thing. You have a question in your heart, what will I provoke Hong Men?"
Guo Yunyao nodded first and then shook his head. Mo Xiaocheng, regardless of her ambivalence, went on to say, "I have a high-powered martial arts bullet and I can’t hit it. Compared with my college days, I was already a cloud of mud. At that time, I was just energetic, but now I have achieved my strength. I can fight a hundred martial arts games without a problem."
"After graduation, I played a lot of black boxing and won a lot of money. Then by chance, I met a boss named Xiao Junliang."
MoXiaoCheng speak slowly for a full hour to finish things, except for some underworld secrets can speak MoXiaoCheng all shake out.
"I am an orphan, but I have a big brother in America, as you know."
Guo Yunyao still digested Mo Xiaocheng’s words just now, and his head was a little confused and nodded stupefied.
"I will go to America after the new year, which means I will leave you and may never come back."
Chapter two hundred and sixteen Visit Xiao Junliang
A kind of incomparable emptiness and heartache flooded Guo Yunyao’s heart, and her seemingly strong and uncomfortable feeling made it more difficult for her to breathe.
After her sister died, she has been living with Moxiao City, and once she entered the world of Moxiao City, she loved Moxiao City deeply, which she never denied.
In her heart, she finally believed that if she persevered enough to give her some, she would be able to impress Moxiao City and finally become happy one-on-one until she was old enough. She had absolute confidence in taking Moxiao City as a piece of wood.
But after more than two years, she has used all her tricks, and Moxiao City seems to be a hard stone and won’t accept her.
Now MoXiao City has been getting farther and farther away from her, and even said that she would never leave her and never come back, which instantly made her unacceptable and close to collapse.
"Are you never coming back?" Guo Yunyao fought back tears and asked with difficulty
Mo Xiaocheng got up and patted Guo Yunyao on the shoulder. Instead of answering Guo Yunyao’s question, he changed his meaningful tone: "Yun Yao is real … we are impossible."
"no!" Guo Yunyao covered her ears and shook her head desperately. "I don’t want to listen! I don’t want to listen! "
Mo Xiaocheng’s eyes are also painful. It’s not much more difficult for him to say such a thing than breaking up with Xue Xinlei in the coffee shop, but he can’t help it. Everyone will feel better later. He must do so. It’s better to have a long pain than a short one.
"Be realistic!" Mo Xiaocheng held down Guo Yunyao’s struggling body to meet her, and her face was full of tears. "You listen to me, I love your sister, and you are my aunt and my sister. It is absolutely impossible for us. I don’t know your affection for me, but I have never loved you!"
Mo Xiaocheng said this sentence, and Ma felt an unprecedented relief, but soon a strong sense of emptiness invaded him, which made him swallow his throat.
Yes, I don’t know when he has got used to Guo Yunyao.
She is used to cooking breakfast when she gets up early every day.
I am used to picking up her class every night.
I used to find different reasons to linger in my room for a while before going to bed every night, and then I was "driven" back to my room to sleep.
She used to drag herself to go shopping every weekend.
It’s customary for him to pretend to be her boyfriend at every party to stop men who pursue her.
"Never loved me?" Guo Yunyao’s body shook like a ramshackle, and his face became pale when he lost all his blood.
Guo Yunyan, a cat whose tail was stepped on, jumped up. "You lied to me!"
Mo Xiaocheng’s not talking is a kind of indifferent expression. It is his so-called sample that makes Guo Yunyao fly into a rage.
"You lie! You have me in your heart because of your sister! Don’t, I don’t know anything. I can feel that you always have me in your heart! You love me! " Guo Yunyao lost her former reserve and elegance, growling hysterically like a bitch.
Mo Xiaocheng looked very unhappy, but still looked at her patiently and calmly, giving Guo Yunyao a feeling of indifference.
"That’s not to love you. It’s an illusion that you are my sister. Let’s not talk about it. It’s late. I’ll go out to buy food and cook." Mo Xiaocheng evaded Guo Yunyao’s aggressive desire to go out with tears.
It is impolite for Mo Xiaocheng to move like this, but Guo Yunyao smiled through tears. "Xiao Cheng, your acting skills are so bad. What are you cooking for dinner at three o’clock? And you always dare not look me in the eye when you tell a lie. This is your biggest flaw, you know? "
Guo Yunyao came forward and hugged Mo Xiaocheng from behind. His generous back murmured, "I love you so much."