Ji Yu rolled his eyes. Alas, what’s in his wife’s head? Is it so exciting to get a salary? And now the salary is directly sent to the bank card, Reagan doesn’t count it in person.


"The salary is directly credited to the bank card root, and it doesn’t need to be counted in person, even if you go." Ji Yu still falls into the trap but has a gentle tone
"Isn’t there a paycheck? You can’t understand the feeling of satisfaction in your heart when you see the numbers." Xia Yu left the pie mouth and resented.
After throwing this sentence "whatever you want", Ji Yu also found clothes and went into the bathroom.
Looking at Ji Yu’s back, there are some subtle features. Sometimes he always makes people hate him. When you want to keep a distance from him, why is he so kind to yourself? Are these all your disguised appearances? Just like a chameleon pretending to be various colors and waiting for its prey to hook.
It’s early in the morning, and I don’t think about anything. Now that she is a mother, I should take good care of you.
Xia Yu was really tired and fell asleep when he fell into bed, but he was uneasy when he fell asleep. He tried to turn to the right several times because of his habit, and he crushed his injured hand.
And lying on the other side, Ji Yu, how can you stand yourself? If a woman dawdles on herself, God knows how much she misses her these days. I’ve stepped up my progress, and I’ve resisted trying to make a few calls.
"I’ll kill you if you move again" Ji Yu muttered softly. Xia Yu didn’t squirm like an induction, but she didn’t wake up when she was sleeping.
Corner of Jijia Garden in Late Night
"Oh mom, how did you think about it?" Chen Yishan stared at Oh mom with cold eyes, but her tone was casual.
Oh mom shook her mouth and couldn’t help shivering. The kind and warm smile is gone.
Now Wu Ma’s face is blue, her lips are white, and her temples are white because of her grief these days. The lines on her forehead have sunk into deep ditches, and her whole spirit is particularly depressed.
Wu Ma was caught in a deep struggle, with fear in her eyes, worry, and that the most basic thing in her heart is that she should not do this when she is awake. Good and evil are actually in one thought.
On the side, Chen Yishan didn’t urge Wu Ma to give her an answer. She knew that to break through Wu Ma’s defense line was to limit her pressure.
Wu Ma pondered for half an hour and said earnestly, "Yi Shan, I know you like young master, but some things can’t be forced."
"Don’t tell me about this. Now your son owes 20,000 gambling debts. I am willing to help you repay your son’s gambling debts. You have to do me a little favor." At this time, Chen Yishan’s face is particularly ferocious, her eyes are afraid of drugs, and a little careless person will be in pain, just like Wu Ma.
Chen Yishan said, "Take out a bag of white powder from her bag and hand it to Oh Ma. Then she added," This powder has color and taste, and I will arrange everything properly to ensure that it goes unnoticed. "
"Ha, ha, ha" sudden laughter is so crazy that people have a kind of hair but can endure it.
Oh Mom’s mouth shook, and her face grew paler and paler. Bean cold sweat fell from her cheeks and dripped into the grass without any interest. The tone of "no, no, no" took Tik Tok’s body and she couldn’t help moving back, and Chen Yishan was a little earlier with every move. The cold eyes were about to push her into a corner.
Chen Yishan hooked up her mouth, gritted her teeth, pulled out her mobile phone, and pressed the button for the video she had already prepared. "Look, look, your son was chopped off with a finger. It’s terrible to see blood everywhere."
Seeing the video, the man was held down by several fierce men and kept swinging his body, and his mouth screamed "Brother Xiong, don’t, don’t, I beg you". In the video, these big men turned a deaf ear to his plea and took out a white reflective sharp knife to cut off his little finger neatly.
"Ah," the tragic sound came from the mobile phone, and the finger was cut off. The man’s blood was spattered and his head kept twisting because of pain. There happened to be a close-up of the front. Yes, this man turned out to be Wu Ma ‘er Lige.
Wu Ma hid her face with her hands and couldn’t stand squatting on the grass anymore. Her whole body kept shaking. This video made her jumpy. Of course, she knew that the video man was her own son. The moral defense line at the bottom of my heart had been defeated.
Chen Yishan evoked a malicious smile when she saw that she had achieved her goal, just like a dead poison flower in black. This smile is so enchanting.
She neatly put away her mobile phone and casually said, "Who told you that your son is addicted to gambling? It’s not as simple as being chopped off his finger. I also asked your son for love or just chopped off her head." Chen Yishan looked disdainful as if she were saying something big and small.
Suddenly, Wu Ma grabbed Chen Yishan’s jade hand and plopped down on the grass. "Yishan, I beg you, I will borrow money from you, and I will definitely pay you back. Please ask someone to let my son go and I will make you a cow and a horse."
Chen Yishan shook Wu Ma’s hand, her eyes were cruel and her face was distorted. "Oh Ma, you should not blame me for not showing mercy, so you are waiting to collect his body."
Chen Yishan’s audio and video are floating in the middle of the night, and every word enters Wu Ma’s ear like a ghost, which makes people feel cold and scared.
My mind keeps spinning. Give him a corpse. Give him a corpse. I can’t shake it. Oh, Mom’s pupils keep shrinking. No, she can’t watch her only son leave her like this. She still expects him to give her a pension and die.
"Okay, I promise, but"
Chen Yishan could see at a glance that Oh Ma had doubts. She slowly said, "Don’t worry about eating the undead. Just order her food, and the medicine is delicious and men won’t get too hurt if they eat it by mistake."
Then Chen Yishan took out the bag of white powder again, and Wu Ma took the hand and kept shaking. Although she was reluctant, she lost her own son, but she had no other way.
"My son’s debt, please help me as soon as possible." Oh mom said at a passive Nuo Nuo that she didn’t dare to look at Chen Yishan’s cold eyes and pressed her head low.
The trick has been to show Chen Yishan a sweet smile. This kind of smile looks so harmful, but who knows that there is such a snake-hearted person behind it? As early as today, Chen Yishan learned from her father that Ji Yu had returned safely. She was overjoyed and thought that everything she had done would be realized step by step. In the near future, her brother would be in her pocket:
Chapter 61 Woman’s imaginary enemy
"Don’t worry, Oh Mom, I’ll come to Jijia for dinner tomorrow night, and I’ll help you pay off your gambling debts when I see you put things away by yourself." At this time, Chen Yishan’s face is soft and sweet, so she can squeeze out sugar.
In the end, Wu Ma’s cold sweat has not been calmed down, but she has never done anything in her life for more than five years, but she has just given birth to an animal, which is always a trick. She wants to know what this generation owes, and she will do anything to harm people and pay off gambling debts.
Thought of here, Wu Ma’s face was haggard and her eyes were filled with more tears. Chen Yishan twitched at the corner of her mouth and made a sarcastic remark from her nostrils. "If you don’t tell me about this, no one will know. It’s too late to go back and rest."
Chen Yishan said that the brisk pace disappeared in the dark night, just like midnight ghosts, which made people feel that they had had a nightmare. She had never been in the future and appeared in that dark and strange dream.
I yawned repeatedly when I got up the next day. Although I was very tired last night, I was in a shallow sleep state. When I got up early, my right hand still had some swelling pain, but I felt much better. My hand was still swollen and it was convenient to move.
I walked out of the bathroom after struggling to take care of myself. Xia Yu found that Ji Yu was sitting in bed. Xia Yu rubbed his eyes to make sure that he was mistaken. Because every time I got up, the bed collapsed, it was always cold. Ji Yu had long since disappeared. Did the sun rise in the west today?
Ji Yu’s face is not too long and slender, and his eyes are deep and he is "coming here" in Xia language.
It is the simple two-character word that makes Xia Yu walk slowly towards the season domain like a puzzle.
Ji Yu’s eyes motioned for Xia Yu to sit next to her, and Xia Yu didn’t think much about it. But after sitting, she turned to why she was so obedient. It’s so embarrassing to come and sit down.
"Hold out your hand" JiYu gentle tone picked up next to hit the wine way
It was not until then that Xia Yu caught a glimpse of the glass of battered wine on the bedside table, and after half an hour, she slowly reached out her hand.
Ji Yu gave her a white look, which really gave this woman. Is it really so bad for pregnant women’s brains?
I look pale. I can’t understand the second battle of Ji Yu Xia Yu. I just looked good, but now I have changed my face. What’s more, is he so kind as to help me wipe the medicine?
Thought of here, Xia Yu’s face was gloomy, and his mouth pouted angrily.
"You were injured last night because your right hand affected your left hand today." Ji Yu rudely woke up with a sneer.
I looked at Xia Yu’s face on Ji Yu’s left leg like a boiled red shrimp. I took it back and made signal with the lips. Although I stretched out my wrong hand, there is no need to satirize her like this.
Suddenly Ji Yu grabbed Xia Yu’s right hand and put it on his leg. Two big palms were covered with bruises. After drinking, the two palms rubbed each other evenly, and Xia Yu’s right hand was rubbed back and forth. He could clearly feel the heat in his palm and the thin cocoon of his finger. Although it was a little painful, this time Xia Yu didn’t yell out, but two beautiful eyebrows were tightly wrinkled in a piece, and the purples lips were tightly pursed to prevent it from finding a sound.
After a long time, Xia Yu finally heaved a sigh of relief. It’s really painful and happy, but her hands feel better. She naturally smiled at Ji Yu with a gentle voice and said, "Thank you."
There is a hint of Xia Yu’s pink jade pecking at her little face with some purples. Her hands gently hold her two sexy lips and cover them directly. The lips are tender and red, tearing and grinding the four lips on her lips, which makes the temperature on her lips even hotter.
Every time I kiss Ji Yu, I can’t resist it, and I still feel secretly enjoying it. This time it’s no exception. The beautiful eyes of Xia Yu are misty, and I see that the Adam’s apple belonging to a man is rolling with her because of shortness of breath. "Ji Yu class is going to be late."
"I won’t be late when I’m here." Ji Yu’s charming and intoxicating line overflowed from his mouth, and his hands tightly hugged Xia Yu’s waist and back, which aggravated the kiss.
The sunshine outside the window is very good and the house is equally beautiful in spring.
Sitting in the car and stamping your feet anxiously, it’s really not too late. It’s still two minutes away from the company, and it’s already 1: 00.
Ji Yu casually glanced at Xia Yu and couldn’t help but quip, "How many times have you been late for absenteeism for a few days? Do you still care about this time?"
Listening to Ji Yu’s words, her little face collapsed. What happened? Didn’t she miss work these days because she was worried about you? She rolled her eyes and didn’t bother to talk to her. She really looked out the window at the beautiful scenery of Panshan Highway.
Suddenly, through the rearview mirror, I even followed a few black commercial cars when I first got there, but I couldn’t help but ask the question in my heart, "What are the cars behind?"
Focusing on the car season domain did not turn his head and said lightly, "That is our person."
"Oh," a word floated out of Xia Yu’s mouth. It seems that Ji Yu has stepped up its prevention because of this incident. If you want to escape from Ji Yu’s palm, isn’t it harder than going to heaven?