Of course, these bags are marked with fairy and fairy gods, and he can’t see what’s inside.


But no matter what the trip to the abyss is, the harvest is too great!
These bags are also inferior.
The biggest rise is the bronze Fang Ding change!
The bronze Fang Ding swallowed up the spirits and spirits, and now it also repairs the second tripod wall crack.
When the second tripod wall is repaired, he can get more Prajna Nirvana Sutra!
Moreover, Sumo wanted to see if there were any carved patterns on the second side of bronze Fang Ding to confirm a guess in his heart.
Chapter one thousand one hundred and ninety-one South from the fire
Su Mo returned to the abyss and immediately stared at the scene in front of him and looked shocked for a long time.
The body of the giant dragon in the original grip is undergoing great changes, and the golden scales are falling off and broken, and the flesh and blood quickly wither and rot!
It wasn’t long before the body of a kind of dragon was riddled with holes, and there were no three true immortals who had just fought.
Sue ink with a sigh in the heart has faintly white hair.
Even if it is better than this dragon, it can’t compete with the passage of time.
The original place of this kind of dragon is dusty in the rocks, and no one bothers it. Its body can still be kept intact.
There are many ancient bodies piled up in the abyss.
The surface is intact, but when an external force gently touches these bodies, they will melt into dust, leaving no bags left.
Now, it’s rare for this kind of dragon to run out of the last energy only after three true fairy wars from here.
In about an hour, this kind of dragon has a pale golden skeleton that spreads across Wan Li.
Su Mo made a bow to the corpse of a kind of dragon.
If it weren’t for this dragon, he wouldn’t be able to defeat the three true immortals, and it would be difficult to heal his heart wounds in a short time.
Without this place, it is unknown whether he is alive or dead at this time.
Stand still a little Su Mo suddenly remembered one thing.
This kind of dragon is so powerful that there should be many treasures left!
This place should be created by this kind of dragon.
That is to say, if a kind of dragon left any treasure, it would probably be here!
On this, Su Mo’s spirit vibrated towards the depths to explore the past.
Nearly half a day later, a large golden yellow palace emerged in front of it, and the building was magnificent and ancient.
These palace buildings are no match for the years, and they are dilapidated, leaving a pile of ruins.
However, Su Mo was about to enter this area to find out, but he felt that there was a huge resistance ahead.
No matter what he does, he can take another half step forward!
Even his divine knowledge can detect the past.
Su Mo said thoughtfully, "Is there any repair restriction in this piece?"
He tried several times before giving up the matter temporarily.
Fang Ding, a bronze in the sea, is still refining and absorbing the power of the spirits and spirits.
Swallowed up many Lingbao scattered in the abyss, and the second tripod wall has been repaired by half.
According to this trend, the second tripod wall will be refined and absorbed by the evocation department of ghosts and gods, and it is very likely to heal!
At the same time, there is a trace of life fluctuation on the second tripod wall.