It’s not that she can’t hear it on purpose, but that she is trapped in a certain state and can’t feel everything outside.


Ice butterfly slightly open mouth to release a chill.
With a slight quiver, the ink-leaning body gradually recovered, and crying in the ear gradually became clear from far and near!
"What’s the matter?"
Recognized as the monarch of Chihong, Yinmo Qing quickly got up and came to the outside of the abode of fairies and immortals to see the monarch of Chihong who collapsed on the ground.
"The teacher elder sister ink pour please …"
The main force of Chihong County seized Moqing’s arms and his face was covered with tears. The emotional voice choked and he couldn’t say it.
Ink-tilted eyes fell on the lower abdomen of Princess Chihong, where the slight uplift showed that she was pregnant.
"Sister Chihong, get up first and don’t move. Tell me slowly what’s going on?"
Ink tilt hurriedly will red rainbow infanta to help up.
Red rainbow infanta seems to think of the blood in her belly as much as possible to calm her mind and sobbed, "Ruo Xu never believed that Teacher Su would betray the hospital for more than two thousand years. He has been insisting on finding the truth."
"But the charges against Brother Su have been determined by the patriarch, and no one dares to question Ruo Xu’s insistence is to question the patriarch. Therefore, many people in the same hospital regard him as a thorn in his side and often join hands to suppress him and bully him."
The ink is silent
She still remembers the scene that happened in Gankun Palace.
Even before the court patriarch, Yang Rexu still dared to confront his doubts with an awe-inspiring spirit in his chest!
The ink leans aside and becomes silent.
Although she didn’t believe it in her heart, she didn’t have the courage to doubt the patriarch.
Compared with her, Yang Ruoxu is timid.
From that moment, she knew that Yang Ruoxu would be unable to move in the future!
Over the years, Yang Ruoxu has encountered some unfair oppression, and she has also heard about it.
But her ability
Because she knew that if these things were not acquiesced by the patriarch, how could the friar dare to be so reckless?
Chapter two thousand nine hundred and twenty Deceive the teacher and destroy the ancestors
The monarch of Chihong cried and said, "Today is the anniversary of the death of Teacher Su. Ruo Xu went to Teacher Su’s abode of fairies and immortals to pay homage to him, but zhanghua and others saw that he didn’t give him an opportunity to explain and jointly arrested him and sent him to the law enforcement station."
Ink tilt frowning slightly.
Although Brother Yang has been looking for the truth in those years, he knows that his situation is not rash and he is more and more cautious.
Although there are several pairs of eyes staring at him all the time, everyone has not caught him any big mistake.
Even if you are intentional, you can’t find a suitable reason.
I didn’t know that Teacher Yang would suddenly go to worship Teacher Su and was caught by zhanghua and others.
Since the fall of Brother Su, the sword fairy of Yuehua was hit hard, in recent years, zhanghua is the most famous and powerful brother in the hospital.
"How many elders?"
Ink tilt asked
The monarch of Chihong said, "Several elders have been silent."
Yang Rexu’s insistence on finding the truth in those days is to doubt that several elders of the patriarch of the court dare not speak for Yang Rexu.
Looking at the weeping monarch Mo Qingyuan’s silence for many years, my heart suddenly rose with an uneven fist and said, "Let me accompany you!"
Such as Gankunyuan, the powerful Patriarch Fairy Array is bound to be placed outside the gate of Zongmen Mountain, and no outsiders have been informed of the invasion!
At this time, there are two figures sneaking forward in the dense forest outside the courtyard and approaching the courtyard gate.
To be precise, it is a young gray-robed man with a slightly white face and beard carrying a white-haired old man with a weak breath.
The gray-robed man carries the old man one step left and one step right in the jungle, and occasionally takes two steps back before walking forward.
The gray robe man casually asked, "What if this guardian fairy array is wrong?" We were exposed as soon as we got there? "
The old man said lightly, "We’ll be gone as soon as we get there."
The gray robe man was so scared that he almost stepped on the wrong step!
"Don’t scare me."
Grey robe man swallowed saliva.
The old man said, "This fairy array is hand-laid by a patriarch. Even the king of the cave will be hit hard. You just stepped into the real world and touched the fairy array, and it instantly vanished."
The gray-robed man sneaked towards Gankun Hospital according to the instructions of the old man, complaining, "Why did you come back after being beaten like this by the patriarch of the hospital?"
"The patriarch of that hospital is so powerful that he can calculate the legacy. If he finds out, we’ll get the same burp."