Dacheng Eucharist is stronger than golden qi and blood, and the edge sound is rich for nine days. "Then try it!"


It is obviously not a good temper for the stone emperor to kill Ling Ran, or the immortal Buddha looked at Liu Chen’s mouth and said, "Taoist friends will be so murderous that everything will have a result after crossing Xianlu."
The stone emperor stopped looking at Lu Chen and Dacheng Eucharist "Today I will become an immortal"
Dacheng Eucharist is sneering and not talking back to the female emperor.
I don’t know how long it will take for Xianlu to be immortal. The Stone Emperor was the strongest and didn’t say anything. He was the first to enter Xianlu, and his ancient statue no longer hesitated to play together.
The ancient emperor of Kirin appeased his daughter and looked at Chengxian Road. "Don’t cry here and send your father away first."
After that, he will send our fire son out of the statue of power, which is difficult for ordinary people to understand. It is an instant to send our fire son to the edge of the universe.
After all this, the ancient emperor of Kirin looked at Lu Chen again. "You should go. This is not a good place."
Lu Chen was surprised that he had beaten the other son and daughter, and the ancient emperor of Kirin actually woke up to himself. This is obviously with good intentions.
"Thank you for waking up. It is a rare road to immortality. It will be a kind of sorrow if the younger generation wants to watch for a moment and chaos will repair the realm of the younger generation."
Lu Chen saluted with fuels. He also wanted to tell the ancient emperor of Kirin that the road to immortality could not be entered this time, but for such a character, he believed that Doggett would not listen to others’ persuasion.
If you don’t hit the south wall and don’t look back, it’s an ancient statue
Since the ancient emperor Qilin has been born, how can he be willing to break through?
"Let it be"
The ancient emperor of Kirin is not much. He appreciates this young man more. He just said, Immortal Road is the first thing in his heart. Then he broke into Immortal Road with a Kirin staff.
"At the right time, the right place has already appeared!"
There is a big roar in Xianlu.
In the huge crack, your bombardment showed the strongest attack and killing to the closed and majestic city gate.
At this moment, the real fluctuation of the ancient emperor appeared to suppress the eternal sky and crush the ancient and modern future. This force is so terrible that even the deepest part of the universe sensed a terrible smell at this moment.
Many statues are not extinct, and there is not a ray of attack power sweeping to the stars outside the country, fluctuating to the eastern wilderness and rushing to that fairy gate
The brightest light shines with the brightest mans. Taikoo Huang has shot, and the most powerful attack power in this world has finally appeared again!
"Kill a Lang Lang Gan Kun and kill a road to immortality!"
Ancient Zun shouted together!
Everyone moved and made moves together. At this moment, the emperor fluctuated and vibrated, and the immortal fairy light bloomed. The ancient emperor reigned for heaven, and more than a dozen people, the most powerful in this world, made moves together to enter the fairy land!
More than a dozen figures are like an immortal monument standing in front of the immortal road to impact the battle song, which resounds through the nine heavens and the most amazing brilliance in history!
Lu Chen also observed the law of immortal road outside when the venerable ones attacked and cut immortal road, and those ancient venerable ones could also give him some inspiration when they broke out the law of imperial road.
Unlike Du Jie, these are the real ancient times, respecting them, teaching them their ways, and their fighting skills are completely ruined.
Lu Chen’s martial arts is like the celestial eye, where the stars are running. Emperor Wudi has evolved a lot of respect for Taoism and absorbed the essence into his martial arts.
"Little you should go."
A deep sound behind him is Dacheng Eucharist.
"Thank you for your previous efforts."
Lu Chen saluted Dacheng Eucharist, which is also a respectable history. He also fought in the forbidden area to guard the Terran’s immortality, the Buddha’s hatred and hatred is an ancient knot.
"If you need my help, he won’t be sublimated, and you can’t kill him. You just want to lead others to help you."
Dacheng Eucharist said that he could see that Liu Chen was strong.
He looked at Liu Chen with some regrets that Wu Shen was extraordinary. "But you really should go. It’s a pity that you died here."
The Eucharist, like the King of God, also persuaded Lu Chen to recognize that he should not be killed by shopping in the post-turmoil.
Wu Shen’s body is hard to see for ever, but he can settle down for an era after great achievements. He believes that Lu Chen should hold his breath and protect all beings in the future.
"The seniors are well-intentioned, but the younger generation knows that if they fail to launch a dark turmoil on Chengxian Road, should you wait for sadness when you fight alone?"
Lu Chen sighed, "The younger generation has already made up its mind to come here and hope that the older generation will guard the defense line of all beings together."
Dacheng Eucharist smell speech is no longer said to be with a golden retriever hand patted Lu Chen on the shoulder with him.
The law of sprinkling blood on the fairy road and killing a lot of fairy birds is as real as it is. It is too strong for the ancient deities to kill them, because there are more ancient deities born than the original works, and the process of playing the fairy road is extremely fast.
It was a moment before the ancient statue killed the chaotic hole. "Is there a fairy land inside?" ?”
The road is broken, and they have no way out to move forward.
After a moment’s hesitation, the ancient deities entered the chaotic cave, but it was not long before all beings heard the roar of the ancient deities.
It was unwilling to burst out before dying, and it was a sad cry before the ancient statue fell.
In the end, eleven ancient deities retired from the chaotic cave, covered in blood, and some people were crying and laughing, which was obviously an emotional breakdown.
"Wrong wrong! Waiting for eternity is such a result! "