The most ridiculous thing is that this purple wing eagle is just a low-level monster.


But this low-order demon saw them, but it didn’t show any fear and dared to come out and yell at them!
Is this purple wing eagle a real newborn calf or something to rely on?
The knowledge of the monkey gods swept over more than half of the Cang Lang mountains and could not help but be light.
Is probably a probe he felt five low-order demon breath!
You know, he didn’t have a low-level demon in the mountains when he was away.
In the past 100 years alone, so many demon families have grown into demons?
"Fine, I won’t talk nonsense with you. Who is your Lord? Let him come to see me."
The monkey waved his hand and was too lazy to care about this low-order demon.
The purple wing eagle cold hum a "our Lord is you want to see! You’d better leave quickly or else … "
"What nonsense!"
The monkey’s look is not resistant to supercilious look. Before stepping over, he leaned out of his palm and grasped the magic in the purple wing eagle.
Purple wing eagle face a change.
If you don’t think much about it, you will conjure up the body and break away from the attack range of the monkey’s palm
I didn’t expect the monkeys to send out huge gods and come directly to suppress them!
This knowledge is shrouded in purple wing eagle’s qi and blood are almost stagnant, and it is difficult to promote conjoined body.
"How strong!"
Purple wing eagle heart sank.
This is not only a realm suppression, but also a blood suppression!
This blood gap makes his blood unable to resist, just like a mouse seeing a cat.
Monkey’s hairy palm blocks the sun.
A large shadow came over.
It was the instant purple wing eagle that was caught by the monkey and lifted its neck easily.
Purple wing eagle is a low-level monster, but it is as weak and pitiful as a chick when it is carried by a monkey.
"I …"
Purple wing eagle is completely stupid.
After he was caught by the monkey, he was stiff and his magic was imprisoned, and he couldn’t even make any effort.
I was dropped by a move!
"Demon monkey, let me go!"
Purple wing eagle turned red and shouted at him.
"It’s so noisy!"
The monkey shook the purple wing eagle in his hand continuously.
Purple wing eagle felt that his bones were falling apart, but he still said with strength, "If the Lord knows that you are trespassing in the Cang Lang Mountains, you will dare to shoot me … Hoo!"
The purple wing eagle was dazzled by the monkey, and it was out of breath. I couldn’t say anything anymore.
"Who’s your Lord? I’m just going to meet him!"
Monkey has made up his mind to teach Linghu a lesson before them. The Lord will find face again.
"Cang Lang Mountain Lord, come out quickly!"
Linghu sounds all over the mountains.
There is no response in the mountains.
"We, the overlord of Xiaoyue Mountain, have come to visit you, a little broken Lord!"
Linghu shouted again and raised his identity to a higher level.
There is still no one in the Cang Lang Mountains.
"What Lord is too scared to show his face?"
Huang Jinshi grinned.
At this moment, Purple Wing Eagle took a breath and gritted his teeth. "Lord, there is no Cang Lang Mountain!"
Linghu asked, "Where did he go?"
"Just around here!"
Purple wing eagle sink a way "if you want to ask for trouble, I will take you there!" "