Spirit gentleman staring at Sue ink said slowly.


He knew that the demon army was made by the monkey and the tiger, but these people listened to Su Mo.
Chapter one thousand one hundred and sixty-five Bow and admit your mistake
"armistice can be"
Sue ink nodded and said 1
Although the demon army has just been released, it has not yet reached a happy stage, but there is no opposition from the demon family.
Su Mo Xiao Yue Shan has absolute prestige!
Bai Lingdao gentleman and others are relieved to hear these words.
If Su Mo insists on going, all of them can’t guarantee whether they can leave the dry city alive!
That monster in black with a cold look is simply terrible.
The war is going to be melee today, and no one can escape!
Su Mo turned his eyes and swept the faces of Bai Ling Daojun and others and said slowly, "There must always be an explanation for this war!"
"What do you want?"
Spirit way gentleman frown asked.
"It’s not what I want, it’s what you should do."
Su Mo said coldly, "I didn’t violate the rules of the corridor meeting from the beginning to the end when I came to participate in the North Domain Road Meeting."
Group repair is silent
This is the fact that all people refute it.
Even at first, some monks provoked Su Mo, who suppressed it without hurting his life.
If it weren’t for the order of Bai Ling Daojun and others to let Zongmen Tianjiao besiege Sumo, several people wouldn’t have attracted this war!
Most of the reasons for the fall of some monks are the heads of Bai Lingdao and others!
"I don’t have a grudge against most of you monks, and I don’t want to kill them all."
Su Mo said
His eyes swept through the crowd and he could clearly see many monks’ faces panic, confusion, fear and help.
Many of them just deserve it.
After a pause, Su Mo looked at Bai Lingdao Jun and others and said simply, "But you have to give me an explanation."
Mr. Bai Lingdao and others look pale
This war is really their misjudgment.
They underestimated the strength of wild Wu and others, and didn’t expect wild Wu to have such a strong cause to move to the demon army!
Mr. Bai Lingdao was silent for a long time before he came out. He bowed his head slightly and said, "It’s my fault about the waste of weapons!"
Group repair a shock in my heart!
Is Mr. Bai Lingdao an equal figure?
Ouyang aristocratic family came to participate in the North Domain Daohui, and the leader was also the host of this Daohui. Now he has bowed his head to a Taoist who has returned to emptiness to apologize!
Don’t say that Ouyang family is famous even for the whole northern region.
But now he has bowed his head to the wild martial road flyover.
Seeing this, some Taoist priests shook their heads and sighed lightly, bowing their heads to admit their mistakes.
Su Mo said nothing, looked calm and didn’t leave.
Demons behind him, motionless and silent!
He is a little thin and seems fragile, but in front of the demon army, he exudes an aura that is difficult for others to shock everything!